Solar Battery Vs Generator: Best Option for Backup Storage

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Solar Battery Vs Generator: Best Option for Backup Storage

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A solar battery or generator? Which option is suitable to deal with power outages? This is a common concern of people around the US these days. The reason behind this trend is the long period blackouts during the heavy winter storms that hit the US last few days. Due to frequent storms ratio and aging grid infrastructure, the homeowners are now exploring backup solutions to keep their places power connected in such situations. The suitable option between the Solar Battery vs Generator choice depends upon the home energy consumption and power grid quality.

Mainly, there are two available solutions to home power backup: A solar backup either or a generator. Each of them has unique functions as well as pros and cons. A solar battery stores power from solar panels as well as from the grid. Likewise, Generators consume fuel that converts to electricity for use in the home. Traditionally, homeowners prefer backup generators to protect themselves against grid outages. Nowadays, Modern technology has radically changed this trend. Solar battery storage is now a much better for backup power at homes.

So, to make a good decision between Solar Battery vs Generator options, let have a quick analysis of both pros and cons, functionality, availability, suitability and consequences that make them preferable over one another. 

Solar Battery

A solar battery stores an excessive amount of solar energy from a power source like an electric grid or solar panel. When a battery connects with a solar power system, it saves the excess power and utilizes it when there is a low solar output like night or outage. During a power outage, although the solar system disconnects from the grid the battery backup storage continues lightning up the home without any interruption. The solar battery type and size varies according to home needs.

Pros of Solar Battery:

  • The battery is a Fuel free During a major calamity, the fuel is still available as long as the sun shines and the device is not damaged.
  • It is an environment-friendly storage device without noise while operating.
  • The solar battery enhances 24/7 solar consumption throughout the day.
  • The maintenance cost of a solar battery is quite cheap.
  • A battery keeps the home power on in case of an outage.
  • Some US states provide various incentives for having a solar battery storage backup.

Cons of Solar Battery:

  • The cost of the energy storage battery is high, and this will rapidly raise the cost of a solar PV system.
  • The solar PV system complexity increases by designing and installing an energy storage system.
  • A solar battery requires a cool space with adequate ventilation to function properly. The space requirement varies as the system size increases.
  • A battery storage system demands maintenance.
  • There is no financial payback on battery storage, unlike solar systems.

Backup Generator

There are generally two types that people use widely: Portable & standby generators. Typically, most homeowners use the generator as a backup device. A backup generator produces power by burn fuel like natural gas, diesel or propane, etc. Most generators install outside of a house. For automatic operation, there can be sensors installation to detect the power outage. Besides, it is affordable to purchase but there is some ongoing cost that incurs along. A generator can remain functional 10,000 to 30,000 hours during its lifespan.  

Pros of Backup Generator:

  • A backup generator is ideal for powering up larger loads for a long period.
  • A generator is less expensive and easily available at local hardware stores.
  • It is easy to transport it to a place where there is a power outage.
  • A backup generator can get connected with the natural gas line
  • A generator can operate 24/7 if fuel supply is available during the time.
  • There are various flexible generator options available according to the power demand.

Cons of Backup Generator:

  • A backup generator is dependent on outside fuel resources.
  • The generator produces fumes while operating that are harmful to health.
  • It creates a lot of noise during power generation.
  • A generator has a monthly fuel cost that varies with the demand.
  • It requires high maintenance and weekly self-tests for smooth operations.

Solar Battery Vs Generator: Which one is best for home in Outage?

Deciding between Battery Vs Generator, Cost is mostly the significant factor for the homeowners. If on one side, various types of generators are comparatively less expensive and easy to size according to the home demand. Then, on the other hand, there are lots of advantages of a battery storage backup. When a battery pairs with a solar system, it saves the electric bill money. Moreover, a solar battery provides environment friendly, noise-free power-up option which a generator might not offer. Also, the continuously decreasing cost of solar battery is making sense for people nowadays to choose a Solar Battery backup over generator for lighting up homes during outages.

Are you are searching out to keep up the brightness of your home during the outage? Select the suitable solution with Solar SME, Inc. You can simply reach us out by dialing 214-556-8288 or visit our website and get a free quote. Our energy consultants will guide you throughout about the best backup resource for your home.

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