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At SolarSME, we understand that unexpected events can cast shadows on even the brightest days. That’s why we’ve designed a seamless and customer-centric solar insurance claims process, ensuring your peace of mind remains as radiant as the sun powering your home.

Why choose us?

Roof damage is considered a stressful thing for homeowners as well as commercial owners because they have invested a lot in rooftop solar systems or groundmount solar. If You are facing roof damage or any issue, the insurance claim allows you to pay roof maintenance expenses on your insurance credit. So don’t need to worry about your solar system, We Solar SME Inc. are a trusted solar installer with professionals, offering roof maintenance with solar system installation in case of any damage. We stand out for our top-tier solar installations and our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. When the unexpected happens, trust us to shine a light on the solution


How does the Insurance Claim work?

A solar insurance involves a scheduled payment, usually monthly. With a solar insurance, a developer installs and owns the solar system on the home. In return, the homeowner pays a series of scheduled payments to the developer. A typical Insurance term is 15-20 years. Because an Insurance agreement can deal with solar system maintenance in a variety of ways. It is important to clarify who is responsible for maintenance costs as a solar PV system may require maintenance or replacement of parts during the lease contract term. Most solar leases cover maintenance, but may not cover the cost of replacing equipment, such as the inverter. One common option for the homeowner is to make a single payment toward operations and maintenance upfront. That approach could reduce the third-party owner’s incentive to provide good solar maintenance service. This risk can be reduced if the solar lease contains a minimum performance guarantee or the contract clearly states that operations and maintenance are covered by the third party. Such guarantees help ensure that the third-party owner properly maintains the system.


Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Solar Panels?

Solar panels are generally covered by home insurance policies because rooftop solar panels are seen as a permanent fixture on your property. Therefore, your current coverage should cover your solar panels if a fire destroys your home or a hurricane severely damages your roof. Your location and climate will have a big impact on how much your solar panel insurance premiums will cost. While some systems require a different policy to be covered, your normal homeowner’s policy may be sufficient for many systems.

Do I need a seperate solar panel insurance policy?

Purchasing a separate solar panel insurance coverage may be necessary if you have solar panels that are not permanently fixed to your roof. That’s because these systems are more prone to damage than solar panels installed on rooftops. For instance, larger systems, solar carports, and ground-mounted panels may not be covered by standard homeowners insurance. If you reside in a region where tornadoes or hurricanes are more likely to occur, you might also require a separate solar insurance policy. To better understand what is specifically covered by your policy type, it is a good idea to do some research. If the solar energy system isn’t covered by your present policy, you may probably increase your coverage with an add-on rider or, as previously noted, a separate solar insurance policy.

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Should I Adjust My Claim Limit If I Get Solar Panels?

You’ll also want to find out if there is a claim cap with solar insurance. Your insurer has a maximum payout it will make for a claim that falls under the umbrella of your policy. It’s important to know whether your claim limit will cover the cost of replacement or repairs for both your home and your solar panel system if you have standard home insurance and no separate solar insurance policy. After consulting, you may think about changing your policy if you don’t think your coverage level will be sufficient to pay for structural damage. When adding on to your house, it is usually a good idea to contact your insurance company.

Do solar panels need to be added insurance?

There is no need for separate solar panel insurance because the majority of homeowner insurance policies include coverage for solar panels. Similar to a terrace or a security system, solar energy systems and rooftop tiles or panels are generally regarded as permanent fixtures on your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does solar insurance cover?

Solar insurance typically covers damage or loss to solar panels caused by events like fire, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. It may also include liability coverage for third-party injuries or property damage related to the solar installation. Coverage specifics vary, so it's essential to review policy details for comprehensive understanding.

Do solar panels void homeowner's insurance?

Solar panels usually don't void homeowner's insurance, but their installation may require an update to the policy. Homeowners typically need to inform their insurance provider about the solar installation to ensure proper coverage. It's advisable to communicate with the insurer to discuss any necessary adjustments to the policy.

Does homeowner's insurance cover damaged solar panels?

Homeowners insurance may cover damaged solar panels under certain circumstances, such as events like fire, vandalism, or severe weather. However, coverage specifics vary, and it's essential to review the policy details. Homeowners should communicate with their insurance provider to understand the extent of coverage for potential solar panel damage.

Do solar panels raise home insurance?

Solar panels can impact home insurance premiums, but the effect is generally positive. Many insurance providers view solar panels as an enhancement, potentially increasing a home's value and, in turn, its insurability. However, the impact on premiums can vary, so it's recommended to consult with the insurance provider for accurate information.

When do I need a separate insurance policy for solar panels?

A separate insurance policy for solar panels may be needed if your existing homeowner’s insurance doesn't adequately cover them. Consider a separate policy if you want comprehensive coverage for solar-specific risks or if your current provider doesn't offer sufficient protection. Consult with insurers to ensure your solar investment is adequately insured.

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