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Across Virginia, residents are seeking to conserve the natural beauty of the state by converting to alternative energy options such as solar energy. The decision to turn to solar power in Old Dominion is encouraged by solar incentives in Virginia, such as investment tax credit for clean energy systems, solar relief and privileges, and net metering availability.

What solar panels do I need to mount in Virginia?

For homeowners, you can now design the solar panels, inverters, rack systems, and batteries, as well as the general aesthetics of the installation according to your needs.  This customization has made it essential for Virginia solar customers to consider these different factors. The best solar panels available, for example, can have premium quality and guarantees, but would usually be more expensive. However, based on the installation size, you would need to decide if high-efficiency solar panels which could generate more energy are worthwhile. Also, the risk potential will help decide which solar panel warranties best suit your needs. There are only a couple of considerations that need to be weighed when choosing solar panel equipment. To get knowledge about renewable energy you can
consult solar company in Virginia.

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How much energy will I get from the solar in Virginia?

Apart from the energy output of the solar equipment that you want to install, the total electricity you produce with the solar panels in Virginia is directly connected to the amount of sunlight that reaches your panels. Though sunshine is not always abundant in Virginia, people can be grateful that the Solar Incentives in Virginia like investment federal tax credit and rewards for solar. There are additional variables that decide the amount of solar power you can generate. This includes panel orientation, shading or panel angle that are all used to measure the overall production estimate. It is the estimate of the total electricity the solar installation can create over time. This assessment gives a straightforward estimation of how much power your solar installation can generate.

What are the best Solar Incentives in Virginia ?

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If you are a solar customer in Virginia, you have several solar incentives in Virginia available to decrease the rate of your solar installation.

Solar Incentives By State

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I choose the best Solar Companies in Virginia?

It can be difficult to select a solar contractor for your region, so it's important to keep in mind the three key considerations when selecting a solar panel firm.

  1. Verify that the company you select has warranties in place. not just on the labour but also the goods. In this manner, you can be sure that both you and your investment are protected going forward.
  2. Examine reviews of the business you're considering. Even though there will occasionally be a negative review (that's the nature of open reviews), make sure that most reviews are positive and don't repeatedly highlight the same issues. No matter how well-known a company's name is, it's a strong sign that you should avoid them.
  3. Choose a reputable company that has been around for a while. Once more, by doing it this way, you can rest assured that the company you choose to protect your investment with will still be around when you need it.

Rising Electricity Rates in Virginia: What You Can Do About It?

What the future holds for energy pricing in 2022 and beyond cannot be predicted at this time, but putting it in the control of monopolistic power companies is something that should cause growing anxiety.

"To be fair, our regulated electric providers must be successful in order to keep the lights on and to make sure that the greatest technology is being invested in for customers. However, something is off when Dominion's eyebrow-raising profit levels coincide with continuously rising bills.

What’s new for Virginia’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)?

Virginia's future for solar energy is bright thanks to a law that Governor Ralph Northam enacted there in 2020.

In addition to building 16 GW of solar and onshore wind capacity, 3 GW of energy storage, and the closure of all the state's coal power plants by 2024, the Virginia Sustainable Economy Act mandates that the utilities in the state convert to 100% clean energy by the year 2050.


The state is about to light up with solar energy, which means there may be more incentives for your solar panel system if you wish to cut ties with your electric company.

Are Solar Panels in Virginia Worth It?

Let's now explore into all the amazing factors that people in your area, the state of Virginia, and the rest of the world have been switching to solar energy, such as higher house value and environmental concerns.

Ecological Issues - People are searching for ways to minimize their impact on their surroundings as environmental awareness increases. Installing solar panels on your house will help you become more self-sufficient while reducing your carbon footprint.

Cost Reductions - Solar panel installations are now much more affordable. There are several affordable options for converting your home to green energy. 



Solar Technology Improvements – Solar technology has advanced significantly in terms of effectiveness and durability as well. Each square foot of a solar panel that is more efficient can generate significantly more solar power. This is crucial for rooftop installations with constrained solar panel space.

Increased Home Value - A solar panel system adds more to your home's value than just decrease or eliminate your utility bill.


Tax Credits: For people who put solar panels on their homes, the federal government offers a significant tax credit. Until the end of 2032, the rate is fixed at 30%.



Battery Storage Powered by Solar Energy - If you're worried about power disruptions, now is a wonderful time to think about adding a solar battery backup to your solar energy system. These days, solar battery technology is interesting, so you should investigate it to see whether it makes sense for your house. Any surplus solar energy your panels generate will be captured and stored for later use by solar energy batteries, such as the Tesla Powerwall. Your home can therefore be powered by pure, renewable energy even after the sun has set.