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Our solar services

Residential Solar

SolarSME is a proud Pearl Certified solar installer. Our residential services guide our customers through every step of the solar process from planning, designing, and financing a system, to permitting, installation, and maintenance.

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Commercial Solar

SolarSME offers complete end-to-end commercial rooftop solar installation and full project management from beginning to end. This includes a free site analysis, engineering and design services, financing, permitting, inspections as well as monitoring, service and maintenance.

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SolarSME - EV Chargers

Whether you require chargers for a house or business, SolarSME works with top EV-charging manufacturers to satisfy your needs. There are several options available for EV chargers; however, not every home or company would benefit optimally from the same type of charger.


Solar Carport Installation

Solar panel carports installations can provide an aesthetic means of providing shelter for vehicles at a home or business as well as EV charging. SolarSME can install carports at homes.

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Solar Unmounting/ Re Install

Changing your address or just your mind? SolarSME offers solar unmounting and/or reinstall services for total flexibility. It doesn’t matter who installed your panels before. We will remove, relocate, and reinstall them for you at a new location if you’d like.

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Solar Financing

SolarSME helps our customers find the perfect financing for their solar installation turning green energy aspirations into reality. We can help you understand your financing options including solar loans, a solar PPA (power purchase agreement) or lease that will help you save money on your electricity bill while still getting the benefits of solar power.

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Solar Insurance

At SolarSME, we offer solar insurance to ensure your solar panel system is producing as expected for decades to come. A solar insurance agreement protects you against extra costs to your system should the unthinkable occur, whether that’s fire, theft, vandalism, or a natural disaster. These are optional and in addition to any maintenance and repair plans you may have. However, the cost of solar insurance is quite low.

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Solar Maintenance & Repair

SolarSME’s Solar Maintenance Service ensures your panels perform to their best capabilities. We can monitor your system for anomalies and our skilled technicians deliver regular check-ups and proactive care including cleanings, ensuring your system operates at peak efficiency.

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Energy Efficiency Services

SolarSME offers home energy audits and energy efficiency services as well as Pearl Certification. Pearl Certification educates homeowners on how to increase the energy efficiency of their homes. Our Pearl certified contractors will visit your home to conduct a thorough
evaluation to determine its energy efficiency, evaluate it in five categories, and provide documentation of its energy efficiency as well as ways to invest in energy efficient improvements.

Pearl Certification

Why should you go solar with us?

Competitive Pricing:

SolarSME offers cost-effective solar panel installations without compromising on quality. We ensure that our solar solutions remain affordable, allowing you to save money while transitioning to clean, renewable energy.

Customized Solar Solutions:

At SolarSME, we tailor our solar systems to meet your specific energy needs and preferences. Whether you require a residential or commercial setup, our custom solutions ensure optimal energy generation for your unique requirements.

Exceptional Customer Support:

We take pride in our exceptional customer support, providing guidance at every step of your solar journey. Our dedicated team is readily available to answer your questions and address any concerns, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

High-Quality Solar & Accessories:

SolarSME exclusively offers top-tier solar panels and accessories, guaranteeing durability and efficiency. Our commitment to quality ensures your solar system will perform at its best for years to come.

Hassle-Free Installation:

We take the hassle out of solar panel installation. Our experienced professionals handle the entire process, from site assessment to final setup, ensuring a seamless transition to clean energy without any inconvenience or stress on your part.

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Our Partner Brands

We only recommend and install the most reliable solar panel systems available in the United States. These include:

Our Partner Brands

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a solar panel installer?

Select a reputable solar panel installer by considering experience, customer reviews, and certifications. Research their track record, ensure they use quality components, and compare quotes. Verify licenses and insurance, and inquire about warranties. A reliable installer will offer transparency, expertise, and a customized solar solution for your needs.

Does solar actually save money?

Yes, solar energy can save money over time. While the initial installation cost exists, solar panels generate free electricity, reducing or eliminating utility bills. Tax incentives and rebates further enhance savings. The long-term financial benefits make solar a cost-effective and environmentally friendly investment for many homeowners and businesses.

How long does it take for solar panels installation?

Solar panel installation duration varies based on factors like system size and complexity. Residential installations typically take a few days to a few weeks. Larger or more intricate projects may extend the timeline. Weather conditions and local permitting can also influence the overall installation process.

Do solar panels need maintenance?

Yes, solar panels generally require minimal maintenance. Periodic cleaning to remove dirt and debris ensures optimal efficiency. Additionally, inspecting for damage and monitoring performance helps identify issues early. Regular maintenance safeguards longevity, but overall, solar systems are designed to be durable and low-maintenance. Top of Form

What is the payback period for solar panels?

The payback period for solar panels varies based on factors like installation costs, local energy rates, and available incentives. Typically, residential systems see a payback in 5 to 15 years. Advances in technology and decreasing installation costs contribute to shorter payback periods, making solar a viable long-term investment.

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