Solar Battery Storage: Top Benefits of Battery Backup for your Home

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Solar Battery Storage: Top Benefits of Battery Backup for your Home

Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage is a must-have as battery backup stores excess energy the solar panels generate. This is a smart method to increase the performance of your solar panel system throughout the day.

Imagine you’re at home on a rainy night, watching TV and running the washing machine, when the power goes out. Consider the same scenario, but with a rooftop solar energy system that includes backup battery storage. You’d be unaware if the electricity went out in your area.

Although, A common misconception regarding solar panels system is that solar panels can only generate power when the sun is shining. Solar energy requires sunlight to generate electricity. But what about when the sun isn’t shining? 

Most people use electricity from the power grid to supplement their solar-generated energy. Such a system offers power regardless of the weather or time of day, eliminating the need for grid backup power.

How does Solar Battery Storage work?

The latest generation of home energy storage is a simple concept at its most basic level, although it does require some high-tech equipment. A typical residential solar energy backup battery works as:

  • Step 1: 

    Solar energy panels convert sunlight into DC power (Direct Current).

  • Step 2: 

    The additional generated power charges the battery storage.

  • Step 3: 

    The inverter transforms DC electricity to AC to fulfill the home power needs.

What are the Top Advantages of Solar Backup Battery Storage in your home?


 Unlike a solar-only system or utility energy, A battery storage system can power most appliances during a power outage. Simultaneously, it protects you from rising peak utility bills. The top benefits of having solar battery storage with your PV solar system include:

  • Power Availability Round the Clock

If you don’t have a solar energy system and use the utility billing mechanism known as time-of-use, your electricity in the evening is likely to be more expensive. This is due to the higher demand for the system.

 Instead of relying on the utility for power, you can use electricity produced throughout the day later with solar battery storage. This is also helpful if you live in a region where power outages occur frequently.

  • Pocket your Savings with Solar Battery

With battery storage, you can prevent an increase in your utility’s electrical bills. Battery storage allows you to take advantage of low-cost energy that has already been generated and stored, ensuring that your rates remain low and that your monthly budget is not impacted. 

In some circumstances, you can even earn by selling the energy you’re storing back to the grid when rates are higher.

  • Better Monitoring

Through monitoring capabilities, a solar-plus-storage system can help you better track the energy your system generates. This offers a higher level of transparency and precision. such energy systems allow you to monitor the amount of energy your home generates and consumes in real-time.

  • More Energy Self-Sufficiency

While most states need residences to be linked to their local utility even if they don’t use any of the utility’s electricity, a solar-plus-storage system gets you closer to being “off the grid.” You won’t have to rely on your grid to get electricity to your home for the majority of the year thanks to battery storage. 

You can also maintain some backup battery capacity in reserve so that if your neighborhood’s electricity goes out, your house will be the only one with lights on.

How much cost does a Backup Solar Battery Storage?

The cost of a home battery storage is determined by the size or capacity of the battery. This capacity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). 

Depending on the type of battery, installation location, backup power requirements, and type of inverter, average household batteries can cost anywhere from $4000 for a small 4kWh battery to $15,000 or more for a large 13kWh battery.

Installing the panels and battery at the same time saves time and money. However, if you currently have solar panels and wish to add storage, you can do so. The price of the battery will range from $12,000 to $22,000. 

Inquire with your solar installer about adding a battery to your system. Federal tax incentives are available if you buy a solar battery on its own or a solar-plus-storage system. Additional solar backup battery incentives are available in some states.

Solar Battery Storage

Solar Battery Vs Generator: Which one is best for the home in Outage?

Battery VS Generator

Deciding between Battery Vs Generator, Cost is mostly the significant factor for the homeowners. If on one side, various types of generators are comparatively less expensive and easy to size according to the home demand. Then, on the other hand, there are lots of advantages of a battery storage backup. When a battery pairs with a solar system, it saves the electric bill money. 

Moreover, a solar battery provides an environment-friendly, noise-free power-up option that a generator might not offer. Also, the continuously decreasing cost of solar batteries is making sense for people nowadays to choose a Solar Battery backup over a generator for lighting up homes during outages.

Top Residential Solar Battery Storage Options for Energy Storage

 Some of the best solar battery storage options available for your home include:

  • Generac PWRcell

Generac PWRcell battery storage is the most powerful, versatile, and scalable solar battery on the market. With the optional Outdoor Rated (OR) PWRcell home battery storage cabinet and new PWRcell battery module, it can be designed for fully outdoor installations in almost any environment.

  • LG chem Resu13

The LG chem Resu13 battery storage is the most suitable option for every homeowner because it meets the demand of a normal house by providing 12.4 KW of usable power.

  • Panasonic EverVolt

With EverVolt, you can store your excess solar power or sell your surplus energy back to your local utility. The Panasonic EverVolt comes with a flexible battery storage system with both AC and DC-coupled configurations and can provide your home with plenty of backup energy in the event of a grid failure, especially when it’s paired with a solar panel.

  • Enphase Encharge

The power is in your hands, whether you want to control your whole device from a single app or set everything on auto-pilot using Storm Guard. Enphase Encharge system has a round trip efficiency of 96% and can be easily mounted even in buildings or towers.

  • Tesla Powerwall

The electrical interface offered by Tesla Powerwall provides a simple connection to any home or building. Its groundbreaking compact design achieves market-leading energy density and is simple to install, allowing owners to utilize the benefits of efficient, renewable power quickly.

Are you are searching to keep up the brightness of your home during the outage? Select the suitable solution with Solar SME, Inc. You can simply reach us by dialing 214-556-8288 or visit our website and get a free quote. Our energy consultants will guide you throughout about the best backup resource for your home.


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