Top Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

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The top Benefits of Solar Battery Backup Systems and why You Should Consider One

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A guide to understanding what home energy storage systems are, why they’re a great option that homeowners should consider with or without solar power.

Imagine you’re at home on a rainy night watching TV, running the washing machine and the power goes out. Consider the same scenario, but with a rooftop solar energy system and a solar battery backup system, you might not even notice that the electricity went out in your area.

A battery backup system or bank is a great add-on to a solar system because it enables the system to do a lot more for you. It can help you maximize the price you get for selling energy back into the grid under certain net-metering time-of-use schemes. Similarly, it stores energy for use when energy prices on the grid are higher because of time-of-use charges. And yes, it can power all or part of the house during blackouts and brownouts.

Solar panel systems only generate power when the sun is shining and only save you money then. But what about when the sun isn’t shining? When charged by the sun or the electric grid, battery systems offer power regardless of the weather or time of day.

How does solar battery backup work?

Home energy storage is a simple concept at its most basic level, although it does require some high-tech equipment. A basic residential solar energy backup battery works as follows:

Step 1: Solar energy panels convert sunlight into electricity.

Step 2: Some or all electricity produced by the panels is sent to the battery.

Step 3: The batteries can now provide on-demand electricity for use in the home or building they’re attached to, or send electricity back to the grid.

What are the advantages of solar backup battery storage?

Unlike a solar-only system or utility energy, battery storage systems are often designed to power most or all appliances during a power outage. They can protect you from fluctuating costs on utility bills. They also offer:

  • Power availability round the clock

If you don’t have a solar energy system and are subject to time-of-use charges on your electric bill, the electricity you use in the evening is often more expensive because there’s higher demand for energy across the electric grid. However, with an energy storage system, you can use electricity produced by your solar array and stored in the battery rather than electricity from the grid during those peak use hours, saving you from higher costs. Additionally, If the energy storage system is set up as a generator and can “island” in a power outage, you can keep the lights on when everyone else’s power is out in the neighborhood.

  • Better monitoring

Monitoring a solar-plus-storage system will help you better track the energy your system generates and how it’s used. Understanding the solar energy output your home generates and consumes in real-time as well as the power it sends to the battery offers a higher level of understanding, and allows you to make better energy use decisions, like not using a washer during peak demand hours when your battery isn’t full.

  • More energy self-sufficiency

While most states require that buildings are linked to the electric grid—even if they don’t use any of the grid’s electricity—a solar-plus-storage system gets you closer to being “off the grid” and being fully energy independent.  

How much does a solar battery cost?

The cost of home energy storage is determined primarily by the size or capacity of the battery as measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). The cost of a home’s energy storage system depends on the type of battery, installation location, backup power requirements, and type of solar inverter installed. According to National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) research, installing a solar battery can cost up to $19,000, not including the cost of labor and the battery itself.

However, the same federal tax incentives for solar power are available to help you buy a residential backup battery on its own or with a solar-plus-storage system. Some states offer additional incentives for solar battery systems, too.

Solar battery vs. generator: which is best for the home in a power outage?

When deciding between a solar battery or a conventional generator, cost is the most significant factor for the homeowner. Generators are less expensive to buy and easy to size according to the home demand. But there are lots of advantages to a battery storage system. When paired with a solar system, it saves on electric bills in ways a generator can’t. 

For instance, a solar battery system never requires fuel and it provides an environmentally friendly, noise-free energy backup option that a generator can’t.

Solar battery vs Generator

What are the top solar battery storage options?

Some of the best solar battery storage options include:

  • Generac PWRcell

Generac PWRcell battery storage is the most powerful, versatile, and scalable solar battery on the market. With the optional outdoor rated (OR) PWRcell home battery storage cabinet and new PWRcell battery module, it can be used in fully outdoor installations in almost any environment.

Generac PWRCell
  • LG Chem Resu

The LG chem Resu battery is the most suitable option for homeowners because it’s available in multiple sizes to meet the demand of most houses based on their size and needs.

  • Panasonic EverVolt

With EverVolt, you can store your excess solar power or sell surplus energy back to your local utility. The Panasonic EverVolt comes with a flexible battery storage system with both AC and DC-coupled configurations. It can provide your home with plenty of backup energy in the event of a grid failure.  Its effectiveness especially notable when it’s paired with a solar array.

Panasonic EverVolt
  • Tesla Powerwall

The electrical interface offered by the Tesla Powerwall provides a simple connection to any home or building. Its compact design is because of its market-leading energy density. It is simple to install, allowing owners to utilize the benefits of efficient, renewable power quickly.

Tesla Powerwall
  • FranklinHome Power System

A recent entry into the home energy storage market in the United States is Franklin Whole Home or FrankinWH. Right now, the Franklin Home Power system, or FHP, is the only energy storage system that the company offers. It’s receiving a lot of interest from the market and industry alike.

Franklin Home Power System

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