Reviewing Enphase Encharge: A Perfect Backup Battery Solution for Home

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Reviewing Enphase Encharge: A Perfect Backup Battery Solution for Home
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Important Points To Remember:

  • The Enphase Encharge battery storage system is a good choice for residential homeowners.
  • An Enphase Encharge battery system claims to be the Only All-in-One AC-coupled storage system.
  • Enphase storage system is likely to meet your expectations because it is manufactured by a reputable brand.
  • Enphase Encharge battery price is affordable as compared to other batteries. 
  • The Encharge backup battery provides power when the grid is down and saves you money when the grid is working.

What is in this article?

Do you have an Enphase Encharge battery storage system with your solar panel system? If the answer is NO, you are lacking a key component in maximizing your home power savings. 

Solar panels are a great power solution for homes. They produce clean and renewable energy. We know that a solar PV system reduces energy consumption from the power grid. As a result, going solar saves you money by decreasing monthly electricity bills as well. At hours of peak sunlight, the solar system usually generates excessive power. This energy either wastes or is net-metered to the electric grid.

But what happens when the power grid gets off or in case of power outages? You are left with no option to produce electricity or power up your place in the blackout. Residential solar homeowners are now exploring backup solutions to keep their places power connected in such situations. That’s why battery backup storage is trending nowadays.

Battery storage mainly stores the excessive power and utilizes it when low solar output like night or outage. During a power outage, the grid-tied solar energy system disconnects from the grid. The battery backup storage continues to generate electricity for lighting up the home without any interruption. Homeowners are seeking a perfect combination of solar technologies + battery backup for their homes. 

We are presenting Enphase Encharge Solar Battery Backup Ensemble™A reliable, powerful, and safest battery backup storage. Enphase Ensemble is a perfect solution for people who are searching for a cost-effective battery backup for their homes.

Enphase Encharge Solar Battery Backup Ensemble™ System

An Enphase Encharge battery system claims to be the Only All-in-One AC-coupled storage system. Enphase Encharge storage uses energy technologies that ensure a reliable, safe, and powerful solution for homeowners desiring to power up homes in outages. The battery backup provides power when the grid is down and saves you money when the grid is working.

Recently, Enphase released two new battery storage systems: Encharge 3™ Storage System & Encharge 10™ Storage System. The solar field experts designed these battery systems to meet robust quality standards. The storage systems only differ in power and capacity but promise the same quality and reliability. The size option lets homeowners choose Enphase according to their home needs. Encharge batteries claim 10 Year Warranty as well.

Let’s have a quick overview of Enphase Encharge Battery Systems’ features, functions, and specifications.

Encharge 3™ Storage System

Encharge 3™ is a 3kW storage system. Its usage capacity is 3.36kWh. It is an AC-coupled battery. The storage system consists of 4 grid-form enclosed micro inverters. The power rating of this battery system is 1.28kW. The battery storage otherwise stores the excessive power for later use.

The Encharge storage system helps the solar power system in sustaining the power supply throughout the day and night. Like other Enphase batteries, Encharge 3™ also holds 10 years warranty. Encharge 3™ Storage System is overall a simple, smart, safe, and reliable option for the home.

To learn more about the features of Encharge 3™, have a quick look at the Encharge 3™ Storage System Specification Sheet

·         10™ Storage System

Enphase Encharge 10™ is a 10kW battery storage system. It consists of three Encharge 3™ storage systems. The total power capacity of this system is 10.08 kWh. It is also an AC All-in-One battery storage system. The system power rating is 3.84 kW. It is built up with twelve grid-form microinverters.

You can connect multiple combinations of Encharge 10™ system to maximize the backup capacity for the home. It also claims a warranty period of 10 years from Enphase.

To learn more about the features of Encharge 10™, have a quick review at the Encharge 10™ Storage System Specification Sheet.

How does Encharge Battery Storage System work?

The Enphase Encharge batteries make a good combination with solar panel systems. Its design is for day-to-day use. It stores excessive electricity instead of sending it back to the grid.

This is a good option, especially for the areas where grids are offering low net metering or demand charges. The homeowner can use the stored power at times with fewer working panels. It saves the cost of buying power from utility companies. 

Reviewing Features of Enphase Encharge Battery System

Let’s have a look at the technical features of Encharge storage system.

Installation of an Enphase Encharge Battery Storage System

Installing a solar PV system or any other storage technology is a technical and complex procedure. It requires experts, securities, permits, and other certifications. That is why you mostly must reach out to a certified installer. Solar SME will take responsibility for your technology upgrade. Solar SME is offering quality installation services around 10 US states.

What Makes the Enphase Encharge Different?

The Enphase Ensemble is an ideal choice for those who want to install a new solar energy system as well as for those who already have one that uses any of Enphase’s IQ series of microinverters because they can easily handle the addition of the entire battery storage system.

No certification is necessary to get or install the Ensemble system. Compared to many other hybrid and off-grid systems, the system requires little to no maintenance, is quick to install, and is simple to monitor. It also is less expensive over the lifespan of the solar energy system.

Enphase Encharge: How Reliable Is It?

Being the first truly grid-independent solar battery backup system, the Enphase Ensemble is very reliable. It is the result of more than 300 patents and more than ten years of research and development. You can use Alexa or other in-home technology to control the monitoring system so that you can precisely measure the amount of electricity your solar energy system is producing.

The Encharge system is more reliable than other backup battery systems now available. Other systems are hybrids, which means they rely on the grid to some extent. Your solar panels will produce energy if the Enphase battery system is installed, regardless of whether the grid is operating regularly or there is an outage. The IQ series microinverters function similarly to a normal grid-tied solar energy system while the grid is operational.

The Encharge smart switch will immediately detect a grid failure and immediately generate a new grid with the help of the other battery components. As the Ensemble takes control, you won’t even be able to notice a flicker in your lights. The smart switch detects when the grid is restored and resumes grid-tied operation.

How Much Does the Enphase Encharge Cost?

Depending on how much battery capacity you require and whether you already have solar panels, the overall installation cost will change. Additionally, if you hire an expert to install your system, you will be responsible for paying labor and installation costs. The cost varies, based on the size of your system and the installation location.

What is the Battery Warranty for Enphase Encharge?

The Ensemble’s various parts are protected under multiple warranties. A 25-year limited warranty is offered on all IQ microinverters, along with a 10-year limited warranty on the Encharge battery storage system and the Enpower smart switch.

The Encharge batteries will continue to maintain at least 70% of their initial capacity after 10 years or 4,000 charge cycles, whichever comes first. Over time, all batteries undergo capacity loss and eventually need to be replaced.

Is the Enphase Encharge Battery right for you?

Although the Enphase Encharge batteries are quite reliable, there are a few things to consider before installing them:

  1. You will need to install more batteries if you want to run large home appliances like air conditioners. This is because the batteries’ power output is lower than normal. Alternatively, you can choose a battery with a higher power output.
  2.  They work with Enphase microinverters, which are often more expensive than other types of inverters found in solar systems. Therefore, you may need more money for the installation.

Overall, the Enphase Encharge battery storage system is a good choice for residential homeowners. The storage system is likely to meet your expectations because it belongs to a reputable brand. Also, the system size can be easily customized according to your home needs. Moreover, the battery price is affordable as compared to other batteries. Furthermore,  you can easily monitor the production using Enphase’s user-friendly app. 

Solar SME and Enphase both are focused on providing homeowners with robust solar systems with the best financing options. An Enphase Encharge Storage System installed by our experts makes a combo of Efficient, Intuitive, and Best Quality solar panel systems.

So, if you are seeking details and quotes for installing solar systems or other power storage devices, simply visit Solar SME now for a satellite solar quote.

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