Panasonic Solar Panels

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Panasonic Solar Panels


Panasonic solar panels are considered as best efficient solar panels in the world. It has been manufacturing solar panels, since 1980. Since then Panasonic has aiming to provide the best services to the entire world. In spite, it has made Solar panels all around the world. While Panasonic is manufacturing the majority of the best solar panels in Asia. Other Companies in the United States, Canada, and other countries also produce high-quality photo voltaic. Nowadays, Panasonic starts Project in Buffalo city of New York State and over, there Panasonic manufacturing best solar panels. Afterword, the production of the best solar panels still is a quest for customers because they need quality.

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“Panasonic hit solar panels are thumping other solar panels efficiency levels and provide the best services to customers”

Currently, by applying the back-contact structure of heterojunction technology. Consequently, researchers are working to develop the conversion efficiency of a practical-sized cell (more than 100 cm2).  Researchers have been able to achieve the world’s highest cell conversion efficiency of 25.6% (publicized in April 2014).  In general, this achievement brings in a lot of attention. In fact, this remarkable achievement broke not just Panasonic’s records for practical size cell to-date.

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Along with breaking the world record for even small size cells (4cm2 at 25.0%, stated by the UNSW, 1999). Even though it had gone unbroken for 15 years. Currently, Panasonic introduces the features of an innovative hetero-junction cell structure made of monocrystalline and amorphous silicon layers. Specifically, Ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers prevent the recombination of electrons, keeping transfer loss to an absolute minimum. As a result, Panasonic hit solar panels conversion efficiency ratings are amid the highest available today. At present, it is meeting up with all the modern needs of energy.


Solar panelsPanasonic solar panels are some of the most competitively priced panels offered to solar shoppers in the Solar Marketplace. Comparatively, they deal with some of the maximum efficiency products on the marketplace for a very economical price. Particularly when they matched to other high-efficiency products like SunPower. Similarly, they have an industry-leading warranty of 25 years. Therefore, there are plenty of compelling reasons to consider Panasonic solar panels for your home solar installation.

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