How much do Tesla Solar Panels Cost?

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How much do Tesla Solar Panels Cost?

Tesla recently announced the cost for Tesla solar panels based on an installation for an average home or commercial area. First of all, customers are looking for the most cost-effective panels. A viable source of Tesla news told that the cost of the system depends upon the situation. It is a developing solar energy company and is working on different projects. Moreover, it is passionate about solar energy products since 2016. They are also working on different projects with Panasonic which is considered the best solar panel manufacturer. Certainly over the years, Tesla previously sold many brands including Hyundai Heavy Industries solar panels and Q-Cells Hanwha solar panels. Moreover, their collaboration with Panasonic is proving to be beneficiary and eco-friendly for the USA. Together with Panasonic, they have the aim to revolutionize the land with solar energy in the best efficiency.

“If you are looking for a residential installation from Tesla?” 

Tesla is offering cost-effective solar panels. An average Residential solar panel system of 16.575 kW  costs $55,526.25. Furthermore, the government of the USA is offering 30% tax credit on 16.575 KW system amount will be 16,657.88 for customers. As a result, payable amount for the tesla solar system will remain $38,868.38 after federal tax credit. Cost of tesla solar panel in kilowatt is estimated to be $3,350 per KW and $3.35 per watt. The cost of solar panels relies on location and also depends on system size Tesla solar panels. Price on a large-size system will decline per watt, on the small size of the system, the cost will increase.

Hence for customer satisfaction, Tesla is offering a solar panel system with an estimated lifetime of 30 years. Its annual electricity production decreases due to the natural aging of the system estimated at about o.5%. People generally get worried about the warranty of the roof in case of any damage. So, the company ensured its customers that their roof is warranted against leaks. In case of system installation, Tesla is offering first 10 years warranty, which is enough for roof damage. If you are looking for a loan program. Tesla is offering loan programs for the past 10 years financing at 2.99 APR for their customers. After calculating the amounts it reveals as 10 years at 2.99 APR would be $375.14($6,148.01 in interest). and on 20 years at 4.99% APR would be $ 256.30($22,642.48 in interest.

What are future plans for Tesla?

Tesla RoofOverall tesla solar panels are not as much costly as compared to other top solar brands. Although tesla solar is currently in trends regarding with its solar roof production for more reliable use of solar energy. And is working on a premium solar roof that would be available for customers in 2020. All top brands have the aim to change energy usage and make the environment safer for the coming generations. According to the report of the International Energy Agency, solar will be the world’s primary source of energy by 2050.

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