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SolarSME is a winning provider of residential home solar services. We provide grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid solar and custom energy storage systems for our residential customers. Here’s a breakdown of each type:

On Grid
Off Grid
Hybrid Solar System

Why You Should Install Residential Solar?


Sustainable Savings

Installing a solar power system for home ensures long-term cost savings by generating clean, renewable energy, reducing or eliminating electricity bills


Environmental Impact

Embrace eco-friendly living by reducing your carbon footprint. Solar panels for home produce energy with minimal environmental impact, contributing to a clean planet.

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Energy Independence

Achieve independence from utility companies with home solar power system. Solar panels for your home provide a reliable and independent energy source, insulating your home from energy market fluctuations.

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Increased Home Value

Solar-equipped homes often demand higher resale values. The investment in a residential solar system not only pays off in savings but also enhances your property’s market value.

Our Residential Solar Panel Installation Process

From consultation to solar system activation, we ensure service quality in each step

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Initial consultation:

We conduct an initial discussion with you to understand your energy needs, your budget limitation etc. to evaluate potential solar solutions for you.

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Residential site assessment:

After initial discussion, one of our technicians visits your home to evaluate your roof condition, sun exposure, and energy consumption to customized solar system according to your specific needs.

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System design:

Our design engineers create a detailed plan for solar installation on your home including specific layout, types of solar panels, and electrical configurations to achieve energy efficiency and best performance.

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Solar financing options & incentives:

Once the design is approved, our energy experts assist you explore various financing options, including loans, leases, and power purchase agreements, while identifying available incentives, rebates, and tax credits to reduce costs.

Permitting and approval:

The team handles all necessary paperwork, including local permits and utility company approvals, ensuring your solar installation complies with regulations and can proceed smoothly.

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Solar panel installation:

On approval, we mount the solar panels on your roof, connect the system to your home’s electrical grid, and ensure everything is securely in place for optimal performance.

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Final inspection & system activation:

After installation, a final inspection is conducted to verify compliance with all codes and standards. Once approved, the system is activated, and you start generating solar energy.

Our Residential Solar Installation Services


Rooftop Solar

Power up your home with our top-notch rooftop solar services! We specialize in custom solar solutions, seamlessly integrating energy-efficient technology onto your roof. Enjoy significant savings on your energy bills while making a positive impact on the environment. Join us in the solar revolution for a brighter, cleaner, and sustainable future.


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Ground Mount Solar

Unlock the full potential of solar energy with our ground-mount solar services. Our expert team designs and installs efficient solar solutions customized to your space. From open fields to expansive landscapes, harness the sun’s power for maximum energy production. Experience the freedom of sustainable energy with our ground-mounted solar installations.

Solar Panel Carport Installation

Solar Panel Carport

Transform your home’s exterior with our Solar Panel Carport Installation service. Elevate aesthetics while generating power and providing convenient EV charging, adding beauty and sustainability to your property.



Solar Un MountingRe Installation Service

Solar Un Mounting

Changing your address or just your mind? Our Solar Unmounting and Reinstall service offers total flexibility. It doesn’t matter who installed your panels before; we’ll relocate and reinstall at your new residence or preferred location

Residential Solar Resources

Residential solar

Benefits of Installing Residential Solar Panels

There are currently more than 1.6 million solar installation projects in the US — the amount that is projected to more than double within the next 5 years. Homeowners are becoming more aware about the financial and environmental benefits solar provide.

How many Solar Panels Do I Need for my Home?

With solar energy becoming an increasingly popular option for powering homes and businesses, you may be wondering how many solar panels you need to acquire to make solar energy an efficient source of power. Depending on your energy requirements as well as the size and orientation of the roof, the number of solar panels you need can vary.

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Cost of Solar panels: Understanding the Expense of Going Solar

With the rising cost of electric bills, it is better to go solar in this inflated economy. While solar for home is quite economical but the initial upfront cost for some homeowners can be a little too much to start.  The average cost of solar panels for homes fluctuates from state to state. 

SolarSME Residential Solar Projects

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Residentail Solar Services
Residentail Solar Services
Residential Solar Services
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a residential solar system a good investment?

Yes, a residential solar power system can be a wise investment. It reduces electricity bills, offers potential tax incentives, and adds value to your home. Over time, the savings on energy costs often outweigh the initial installation expenses, making it financially beneficial and sustainable for environment.

How many solar panels an average house require?

The number of residential solar panels needed for an average house depends on factors like location, energy consumption, and solar panel efficiency. A typical residential solar for home may require 20 to 30 panels, with each panel producing about 300 watts, to meet the energy needs of a house.

Does residential solar panels system pay for itself?

Yes, residential solar panels often pay for the investment over time. Through energy savings, potential tax incentives, and increased home value, the initial investment is typically recouped, making solar systems a financially viable and sustainable choice for homeowners.

What is the lifespan of a residential solar panel system?

The lifespan of a residential solar panel system is typically 25 to 30 years. Although individual components may require maintenance or replacement, solar panels are designed to withstand environmental conditions and continue generating electricity for a long time period.

What is the cost of solar power system for a 2000 sq ft house?

The cost of a solar power system for a 2000 sq ft house typically ranges from $15,000 to $25,000, depending on factors like location, energy consumption, and available incentives. Investing in solar can yield long-term savings and environmental benefits.

Do residential solar panels system void your roof warranty?

Installing residential solar panels generally doesn't void the roof warranty. However, it's crucial to consult the roofing manufacturer and installer to ensure compliance with warranty terms. Proper installation and communication can often preserve both the solar system and roof warranty.

How much does a home solar system with battery backup cost?

The cost of a home solar system with battery backup varies widely based on factors like system size, battery capacity, and location. On average, it can range from $15,000 to $30,000 or more. Government incentives and local rebates may offset some costs.

What size residential solar system do I need to run my house?

The size of a residential solar system needed to power a house depends on factors such as energy consumption, location, and sunlight exposure. On average, a 5 kW to 10 kW system is common for a typical house, but a professional assessment is recommended for accurate sizing.

How long does it take to install solar panels for your home?

The installation time for home solar panels varies, but it typically takes about three days to a week. Factors such as system size, roof complexity, and local regulations can influence the timeline. Professional installers ensure efficient and timely completion.

Does residential solar installation increase home value?

Yes, residential solar installation increase home value. Studies suggest that home with solar panels often sell at a premium, reflecting the added appeal of lower energy costs and environmental sustainability, making it an attractive feature for potential buyers.

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