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PWRcell solar + battery storage system will power your home, reduce your monthly electric bill, and offer whole-home backup power during utility power outages. Its flexible design enables installation in any environment both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, because of its versatility, it can be set up to fit any lifestyle or budget.

Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage Range

Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable battery system designed for use in conjunction with solar energy system. The system can comprise up to 10 Powerwalls, a mix of Powerwall+ and standard Powerwalls.

Powerwall+ offers enhanced solar integration features for more streamlined installations with fewer components. With integrated revenue-grade energy metering, users can monitor solar production and home energy consumption in real-time. Powerwall+ is equipped to intelligently power heavy equipment, and its direct solar integration improves recharging efficiency during power outages, offering an improved off-grid experience.

Key Features of Tesla Powerwall

How Tesla Powerwall Works with Solar?

As the sun rises, solar energy begins to supply power to the home. If additional power is needed, the home can utilize the utility grid power.

Throughout the day, the Powerwall charges from solar panels when they generate more electricity than the consumes. This stored energy is then available for use when solar production is insufficient, such as during nighttime, or when there’s a power outage, and the utility grid is offline. Tesla’s system notifies you through the Tesla app when there’s a change in Powerwall status, like the utility grid going down.

When the sun rises again, solar power replenishes the Powerwall, creating a continuous cycle of utilizing clean and
renewable energy.

Whole Home Backup

Partial Home Backup

Tesla Powerwall System Design

Powerwall/ Powerwall+ Battery:
The Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery designed to store energy generated from solar sources. The Powerwall+ comes with an integrated Tesla Solar Inverter and a system controller.
Tesla Solar Inverter:
Tesla Solar Inverter is responsible for converting stored solar energy into usable power.
Backup Gateway:
The Backup Gateway serves as the control hub for system operation, detecting grid outages. It disconnects the Powerwall system from the grid, allowing backup power from the battery to be utilized. Additionally, it functions as a site meter. The Backup Gateway can be installed in both whole-home or partial-home backup systems.

Additional Electrical Hardware:
Various additional electrical accessories, such as electrical panels, conduit, disconnects, meters, etc., is installed based on site requirements and in
accordance with relevant electrical codes.

How to Monitor and Optimizethe Tesla Powerwall Battery?

The Tesla app provides real-time monitoring of your solar panel system. Customize your preferences to prioritize energy independence, outage protection, or savings. Contribute to grid support during peak demand or critical periods, such as potential outages, by sharing surplus energy. Enjoy remote control and receive instant alerts, allowing you to manage your system from anywhere.