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Fox Energy Storage System

(Energy Storage Unit) Backup Battery


Fox is a relatively new company compared to other well-known battery and inverter brands. The company offers a
variety of batteries for homes and small businesses, using advanced lithium NMC cells for better performance.
Their H series battery modules are built in a standard rack mount design, making it simple to install and add more
batteries if needed. Fox seems to prioritize providing good quality at a reasonable price, which is something everyone likes.

Fox ESS2

Fox ESS Battery Storage System Range

Fox Ess is a type of solar battery made of lithium-ion, and it’s meant to save extra solar energy for later use. When it comes to performance, Fox Ess solar batteries are famous for storing a lot of energy and lasting a long time. Even though they don’t take up much space, these batteries can store a much amount of energy.
If you take good care of them, they’re built to keep working for as long as 15 years. Fox Ess solar batteries work well with different types of solar panels, and they give homeowners various choices. You can pick the option that fits how much energy you need and what you can afford.

Key Features of Fox Ess Solar Battery Storage System

1     90% depth of discharge
2     Max. 7 modules in series
3     Lifespan 6000 cycles
4     High voltage











5     Plug and play set-up
6    Wide Temperature Tolerance

Storage System Storage System

7     Modular designed stackable battery
7     Lifespan >=6000 cycles
7     Operating temperature -10 -55 C
7     Always connected through SmartApp



Depth of Discharge



Charge  Efficiency



Discharge Efficiency