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EG4 Solar Battery Storage


EG4 Electronics is a top battery manufacturer. They aim to help you in control of your energy, free from regular power limits. The goal is to make it easy to use solar power every day. EG4 Electronics provides a broad range of expertly designed batteries and other components for power, such as inverters, racks, and solar HVAC systems.

EG4 PowerPro WallMount All Weather Lithium Battery

The EG4 WallMount All Weather Battery is the ultimate solution for storing energy in your solar power system. This advanced 48V 280Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery sets a new standard for reliability and performance, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted power supply.

Key Features of EG4 Lithium Battery Storage

The key features of EG4 AllWeather battery includes:

  • 10kW delivery, with peak power 10.5kW (10 sec.) & 15.4kW (3 sec.)
  • Constant discharge current – 200A
  • Over 8000 cycles at 80% DOD with an 82.6Mwh lifetime production
  • Intelligent BMS for enhanced reliability, efficiency, and safety
  • Includes integrated self-heating capabilities for use in low temperatures
  • Ideal for outdoor use, designed to endure diverse weather conditions
  • Integrated self-heating function guarantees peak battery performance in colder temperatures.
  • Quick connectors with weather ratings (Amphenol) for easy setup
  • Two built-in fire arrestors ensure fail-safe protection
  • Unique emergency stop function for immediate shutdown via RSD / ESS disconnect / inverter RSD
  • EG4 Electronics provides a 10-year warranty
  • Can pair with any inverter in the market
  • Designed to pair seamlessly with EG4, Victron, Growatt, Megarevo, Luxpower, Deye, and Sol-Ark inverters
  • Onboard LCD touch screen for easy BMS monitoring and communication.
  • Quick connect battery cables for fast, safe, and reliable battery connections.

Why Choose EG4 WallMount AllWeather Lithium Battery?

EG4 PowerPro ES

The optional conduit box seamlessly connects to the 18kPV inverter
cable box for installation. If using different inverters or setting up a
standalone battery, make sure to use the included plugs with the conduit box

Comprehensive Certifications