EG4 Battery Systems

EG4 Electronics is a provider of components for solar energy systems and battery-based energy storage. The company offers a number of different battery and energy storage systems (ESSs) for home and business owners. Its systems and components are known for integrating well with components from other manufacturers as well.

The company offers off-the-shelf parts, like rackable batteries and cabinets. It also offers complete energy storage systems that include inverters and automatic shut offs that allow the system to island from the electric grid in a blackout situation.

The company’s offerings include the WallMount, LifePower4 and LL (Lifetime Lithium) battery lines. Their ESS solutions are called PowerPro and include indoor and outdoor mounted systems.

EverVolt Battery Storage System

The EG4 WallMount batteries are offered as either an indoor or All Weather outdoor  battery. It’s a 48V 280Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery or 14.3 kilowatt hour (kWh) backup battery. It’s designed for DC configurations.  

EG4 wallmount

Key Features of EG4 WallMount Batteries

  • Seamless Integration

  • Easily pairs higher functions on the EG4, Victron, Growatt, Megarevo, Luxpower, Deye, and Sol-Ark inverters. Pairs with other inverters as well

  • Quick connect battery cables for fast, safe, and reliable battery connections.

  • Over 8000 cycles at 80% DOD with an 82.6Mwh lifetime production

  • Intelligent BMS for enhanced reliability, efficiency, and safety

  • Self-heating capabilities for use in low temperatures

  • Two built-in fire arrestors ensure fail-safe protection

  • Unique emergency stop function for immediate shutdown via RSD / ESS disconnect / inverter RSD


EG4 LL and LifePower 4 Batteries

The EG4 LL and LifePower 4 are rackable LiFePO4 batteries, requiring connection and storage on a rack or in a cabinet. Additionally, they’re modular, and EG4 states that some models can be connected in systems to store 80 kWhs or more depending on the unit type and system.

EG4 PowerPro ESS

EG4 calls its line of ESS solutions the PowerPro line. Moreover, homeowners and business owners can install an ESS that charges from the electric grid and takes advantage of time of use pricing schemes to help them save on electric costs, while the ESS systems work with solar systems. 

The ESS systems are modular, designed for flexibility, and are configurable in many different ways. For instance, a homeowner can get a PowerPro system with one or two All Weather WallMount batteries to mount outside their home. Conversely, a small business, on the other hand, may opt for a PowerPro system with cabinets that can hold up to 12, 5.12 kWh rackable batteries for a 61.44 kWh system.

With a shut-off switch, the ESS systems can provide backup power and island from the electric grid in a blackout situation. Furthermore, the systems are also configurable to provide electricity to the grid when prices are high and to pull electricity from the grid when prices are low.

6000 XP

Comprehensive Certifications

UL9540A, UL1973 Level certifications* IP65 outdoor Rating UL9540 with 18 KPV


EG4 Warranty

Depending on the product, EG4 offers 5 to 10 year warranties. Additionally, the majority of its products come with a 10-year warranty and the LifePower4 batteries have a 5 year warranty that’s extendable to 10 years when paired with an EG4 inverter.

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