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We are full-service solar installer and we serve in both Residential and Commercial Sectors for solar panel installation. We aim to promote clean energy solutions to save our planet limited resources. To motivate residential solar systems, we are offering multiple solar financing options according to your ease. From system design to the completion of your installation, we are here to help you out at every step of the process. Also, we are always available to help you out in case you have any interruptions in your solar systems. We believe in delivering a happy customer experience, not just a service.


Solar Incentives by State

For encouraging maximum community towards lowering their carbon footprints and contributing towards the Clean Environment, the U.S. states are offering several solar incentives and rebates to the residents. The incentives vary from state to state. However, these solar rebates help you to switch to solar in more convenient ways. The ultimate goal is to make Solar accessible for everyone who wants to take a step for the betterment of future generations as well as for the planet. 

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Anastasia Marie

Johan Benz was excellent to work with. He answered our questions, brainstormed solutions and helped us fully understand our options. Definitely recommend for anyone looking into solar

Aaron Ganir

Solar SME makes the process easy. There are a lot of regulations and steps to go through and having great communication made the process worry free. Andre Leon was very quick to respond to all my questions and was always just a phone call away. Thanks team! My solar project is done and I’m happy!

Damon Wills

We had our solar panels installed recently, and it has been a relatively smooth process. Project manager Ruben had been very thorough and kept regular contacts with the updates. I’d recommend Solar SME to anyone who’s interested.

Michel Malarki

SolarSME works very well and way quicker beyond my expectations. The Solar installers and roof guys are very helpful in each and every task and they explain everything in very detail. They drove all the way from Huston to Dallas. They finished with the installation in just one day. I am really glad to deal with them

For us, customer satisfaction is beyond everything. From initial assistance to the installation, we make sure that our valuable customer is happy with our team and installation service. We believe that happy customers are an asset to the company as they spread a positive brand image. We are proud to have satisfied customers who not only appreciate our solar install service but also refer their friends and family to go solar with Solar SME.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much do solar panel costs in 2023?

Every home has different energy consumption requirements. Solar energy systems are made to suit for your home's particular needs, which are determined by your financial objectives and the advice of your solar energy specialist. In order to give you a more accurate idea of the cost, we provide free, no-obligation quotations.

Are solar panels financially worth it?

Yes! The increase in property value that solar panels give is one of the most important advantages of going solar. According to Zillow, installing solar panels will improve the value of your home by about 4.1 percent, or $31,093 on average in California.

What they don't tell you about solar panels?

Regardless to what the manufacturers of solar panels may claim, once you have them installed, maintaining the panels is not an issue. Manufacturers of solar panels try to persuade consumers to lease solar panels, arguing that this way, the homeowner won't have to worry about upkeep.

Are solar panels covered by home insurance?

Most rooftop solar energy installations are covered by typical homeowner plans, therefore nothing about your insurance policy has changed. To compensate for the expense of the system, you might need to increase the amount of coverage on your house, which could increase your rate.

How long solar panels last?

25 to 30 years

The average solar panel lifespan is 25 to 30 years, according to industry standards. Most reputable manufacturers provide 25-year or longer production warranties. Six to ten years after installation, solar panels often reach their break-even point in terms of energy savings.

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