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Enphase Battery Storage System


Enphase Energy is a trusted brand in the solar industry and is best known for its microinverters, which are the best in the business and enable solar systems to produce more energy than they could with standard string inverters. Solar batteries are now part of Enphase’s expanding product portfolio. They have four battery versions available: the IQ Battery 3, 3T, 10, and 10T. All of these batteries make use of the popular microinverter technology from Enphase.

How does the Enphase IQ battery work?

Homeowners who have grid-tied solar panel systems can access reliable backup power thanks to the Enphase IQ battery. Similar to any other solar battery, the Enphase IQ battery stores any extra energy that your solar panels produce throughout the day so that you may use it later when the sun isn’t shining enough to power your home or when the power goes out. The IQ batteries from Enphase are AC-coupled. An inverter is manufactured into AC-coupled batteries, making it simple to connect them to existing solar panel installations. The Enphase IQ batteries are different from other AC-coupled batteries available on the market (like the Tesla Powerwall) because they use microinverter technology. In addition, Enphase uses lithium iron phosphate battery modules, which are more reliable and safer than lithium-ion batteries made of cobalt.

Solax battery working

Enphase recently launched the Encharge 3™ Storage System and Encharge 10™ Storage System, two innovative battery storage systems. These battery solutions were designed by solar industry specialists to meet the necessary quality criteria. The only power and capacity differences between the storage systems are their claims of the same quality and dependability. Homeowners can choose Enphase based on their demands for their homes by using the size option. 

Enphase Encharge Solar Battery Backup Ensemble™ Battery Range

What is the storage capacity of the Enphase Encharge?

In terms of both physical size and the amount of energy they can store, the Enphase IQ Battery 3 types are the smallest batteries Enphase has to offer. The 3T is around 7 pounds lighter and slightly slimmer than the IQ 3. The good news is that the Enphase IQ Battery 10 models can also be coupled with the IQ 3 batteries because it is modular (you can add more than one). With the 3.36 kWh option, you may choose the size of energy storage system that is ideal for you rather than having to choose one that is either too big or too tiny. Moreover, Both IQ Battery 10 models have a usable storage capacity of 10.08 kWh, which is significantly greater than IQ 3. By comparison, IQ 10 stores around 35% of the 29 kWh of electricity that a typical American home uses each day.

What is Enphase’s IQ battery warranty?

The Enphase IQ battery comes up with the following warranties:

Warranty period: 10 years
Warranted cycles: 4,000
Guaranteed end-of-warranty capacity: 70%

This means that after 10 years, your battery will be capable of storing at least 70% as much energy as it did when you first installed it, though it may last less time depending on how frequently you charge and discharge the battery. Overall, an Enphase energy system is likely to meet your expectations because it is a reputable company, the system size can be easily customized, it is reasonably priced, and it can be easily monitored using Enphase’s user-friendly app