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Duke Energy Home Solar + Battery Rebate: PowerPair Pilot Program 2024

If you live in North Carolina and want to reduce your high energy bills, we have good news for you. Duke Energy is implementing a new Home Solar + Battery  “PowerPair Pilot Program 2024” rebate in North Carolina. Under this program, the company offers customers up to $9000 rebates for switching to solar energy. However, this incentive is only for residential solar installation with battery storage. Also, the Duke Energy pilot program is only applicable to Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress service areas in North Carolina. This is a one-time incentive that aims to make it affordable for homeowners to shift to renewable power and energy storage. 

In this article, we will highlight the essence of the PowerPair Pilot Program and explore how it will empower our potential customers in solar cost-saving and optimizing energy efficiency.

Duke Energy

Duke Energy

Duke Energy is a Fortune 150 organization with its main office in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is among the biggest energy-holding companies in the United States. With a combined energy capacity of 54,800 megawatts, the company’s electric utilities provide service to 8.4 million people in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. its natural gas unit serves 1.7 million customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky. 

Duke Energy is implementing an ambitious renewable energy initiative that prioritizes accessibility, affordability, and reliability. The firm aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions from electricity generation by 2050 and net-zero methane emissions from its natural gas operations by 2030. The company is making significant investments in clean generation and improvements to the electric system, including increased energy storage, and improved nuclear, natural gas, and renewable energy sources. 

What is Duke Energy PowerPair Pilot Program 2024?

Combining solar with battery storage can increase the financial benefits of home solar and offer backup power during grid failures. To make clean energy accessible to the maximum community, Duke Energy in North Carolina has recently launched its PowerPair Pilot Program for residential homeowners of the state. The company is offering rebates worth up to $9,000 for home solar and battery system installation. The PowerPair pilot will serve around 6,000 state homeowners with a total solar capacity of 60,000 kW. Duke Energy designed this program with the collaboration of various stakeholders according to the NCUC guidelines.

What are the basic requirements to qualify for the PowerPair Pilot Program 2024?

The Duke Energy PowerPair concept is straightforward. You just need to install a qualifying solar and battery system by one of Duke Energy’s certified solar installers known as “Trade Ally”. Duke Energy will provide your rebate as soon as the system is up and running. 

However, the only thing to remember is that it is a one-time incentive for only North Carolina’s Duke Energy residential customers.

Duke Energy PowerPair

Which systems are qualified for the PowerPair Pilot Program?

The pilot program is only applicable for NEW solar+ battery storage residential systems in North Carolina. However, if you only install home solar panels or battery storage, you will not qualify for this rebate. 

Furthermore, owned and leased systems owners can qualify for the program. However, there is no specific system size. However, a maximum of 10KW residential solar & 13KW energy storage is eligible for the PowerPair incentive. Moreover, if you installed a new solar system less than 9 days ago, you can apply for the PowerPair incentive. However, the rebate is not applicable for any system upgrades. Also, When you get a PowerPair reservation notice, you must ensure your solar energy system is up and running within 270 days. Besides, Duke Energy did not mention any requirement regarding solar equipment eligibility.

What are the available incentive options for customers in the PowerPair Program?

The program offers two options: 

  1. PowerPair Solar and Storage Incentive

  2. PowerPair with EnergyWise Battery Control

PowerPair Solar and Storage Incentive

With PowerPair incentive, the residential solar system owners can offset their upfront cost of going solar. The maximum solar panel system capacity is limited to 10kW. The applicable incentive is $0.36/watt and capped at $3600 per homeowner. Furthermore, the solar battery incentive is $400/kWh capped at $5,400/customer.

PowerPair with EnergyWise Battery Control

In PowerPair with the EnergyWise Battery Control option, Duke Energy will remotely control the battery to prevent power outages. This program will be available from July 9, 2024. By signing up, consumers allow Duke Energy to change the operation setting of their system at least 30 times a year and up to 36 times maximum annually. Enrollment in a qualifying battery storage system and fulfillment of program requirements, such as internet connectivity, result in monthly bill credits for participants. Customers can still be eligible for bill credits even if they choose not to participate in four events each year.   
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How much you can save with the Duke Energy PowerPair Program?

For PowerPair, the maximum rebate amount is $9,000. That depends on the solar and battery incentive amounts. However, a 30% federal solar tax credit will also apply, leading to saving more.

So, let’s assume you go for the maximum incentive with a solar panel system that costs $60,000. With the PowerPair residential solar rebate & the 30% solar tax credit, this is what you will save:



Duke Energy PowerPair Program

Duke Energy senior vice president of Pricing and Customer Solutions Lon Huber commented,
“PowerPair gives Duke Energy an added tool to provide more reliability to solar energy which in turn benefits all customers as North Carolina grows in population. As we continue to strengthen our grid and bring clean energy resources online, our customers are important partners in our clean energy future – and can receive upfront and potential ongoing financial incentives for coupling solar power and battery storage on their residential systems,”                     

How can you apply for the PowerPair Pilot Program 2024?

The initial PowerPair Program application is open from May 10, 2024 – June 7, 2024, and the customers can apply during the 4 weeks on the Duke Energy official website. The second round of enrollment will start on June 21, 2024, incase capacity remains in the program. To ensure equality, The company will choose participants in the 2nd round through a random selection process (RSP) by a third party.

For the ongoing monthly battery incentives, enrollment will start on July 09, 2024.

What is the Timespan and Capacity Limitation of Duke Energy PowerPair Program?

The capacity limitation for both utilities (Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy Carolinas) is 300kWs under the PowerPair program.  As a homeowner, you need to participate in the program for at least 10 years after enrollment. Furthermore, participants are allowed to relocate up to twice over the ten years. Also, they must remain in their selected cohort for the first two years.

Moreover, one of the eligibility requirements for the pilot program includes the system installation by a certified Duke Energy installer. SolarSME is proud to be a Trade Ally of Duke Energy in North Carolina. By switching to solar with us, customers will qualify for up to a $9000 rebate and enjoy long-term savings with quality installation backed up by industry-leading solar warranties. 

To sum up all, Solar+Battery Storage is the need of time if you want to lower your energy bills by up to 90% and protection from power outages. Duke Energy PowerPair Rebate is a golden opportunity for homeowners to install residential solar + battery storage systems in North Carolina and qualify for up to $9000 rebate to lower the installation cost.

This incentive has limited capacity, connect to the Duke Energy Certified Solar Installer like SolarSME and lower your solar installation cost burden with PowerPair + 30% FTC.