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Made in U.S. Solar Panels can Slash Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 30%

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Nature Communications by Cornell University recently published a paper depicting that made-in-U.S. solar panels can reduce carbon emissions in the United States. According to this research, reshoring crystalline silicon PV panel manufacturing in the USA can lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30%. It is estimated that the total solar reshoring can be finished by 2035. This will also reduce the total energy usage of the USA by 13% as it was in 2020.

Furthermore, to study the impacts of made-in U.S. solar panels manufacturing, the scientist used the life cycle assessment. This LCA involves the study of total emissions during not only manufacturing. But also during the maintenance and aftermath treatment of solar panels in the U.S.A.

Moreover, academics prefer studies like Global warming potential (GWP) and cumulative energy demand (CED). Through these studies, scientists were able to test the implications of solar manufacturing in the U.S. energy market. The study refers that U.S.-made solar panels have the potential to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 23%.

In the same way, there is a difference in the global energy mix between various nations. By 2050, made-in U.S. solar panels will be able to reduce GHG emissions by 33% as compared to 2020. It is an estimation that the U.S. is trying to push its current 74GW solar capacity to 1,600 GW by 2050. Due to made in U.S. solar panels, the current 3% solar energy contribution will ramp up to almost 50%. For this, the United States will require an ample number of solar panels. And reshoring is the best way to achieve it.

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