New Solar Trends for You to SAVE Money

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Due to the growing interest of the audience in switching to solar, we can observe the new solar trends in the solar industry rapidly. On one side, solar education is making people more conscious about using green clean energy resources for power generation. People are now more get attracted towards becoming Grid Independent. They want to Save big on high electricity bills with solar panels installation.

Nowadays, New solar trends have been introduced in the industry. Scientists are working to improve the efficiency, power, and cost of solar panels. Let’s have a look at some interesting New Solar Trends in the solar sector.

Community Solar

There’s always a community solution to a problem, and solar is no exception. While solar is the best option for homeowners, it isn’t always the best option for renters or tenants.

Also, Communities are teaming together to construct solar farms and share the energy generated. A great example is Haystacks in NSW, as well as the incredible community effort behind a community battery installation in Yackandandah.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Floating Solar

Have you ever thought of solar panels on water? Yes! It is happening with the new solar trend of Floating Solar. 

Floating photovoltaic panels reduce water evaporation and save important land area, to name a few advantages. Companies like REC and Tigon are leading the market, developing customized solutions for customers.

Backup Battery Solution

While moving off the grid can be costly, a grid-connected system with battery backup (also known as a hybrid system) gives you the perfect blend: you can supply most of your electricity while still having grid backup if your demands alter or the weather is bad.

New Home Solar  

While many homeowners choose to go solar panels to their existing homes during the early solar boom, there is another growing market: first-time home buyers.

Many individuals are opting for a new home package that includes solar because of lower installation costs and energy efficiency.

Electric Vehicles

While Electric vehicles are rapidly becoming the vehicle of the future. As people install chargers in their homes, we expect that electric energy demand is expecteincrease in the next several years. So, choosing the correct energy system now is the best way to ensure you’re ready for tomorrow’s vehicles.

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