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Affordable Housing Developments with Solar

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Housing developments with solar are now affordable. Now housing developers and underserved communities both can get the increased public funding sources for going solar. 

Here are the most important factors to consider when considering Housing Developments with Solar:

  • Developers can consider ground mount, rooftop, or carport racking solutions for implementing solar resources into affordable housing developments. 
  • Offsite ground mount systems can be made in states with established community solar offtake policies. Choosing a brownfield site reduces environmental problems. While also providing options for additional investment funds like NYSERDA brownfield incentive in New York etc.
  • Another alternative is solar carports. They can protect residents from adverse weather. Solar carports also channel precipitation to increase ground conditions, nourish plants, simplify winter upkeep, and reduce urban heat islanding. In the face of high structural steel costs, these elements might help establish the case for green building fund eligibility, such as the federal Enterprise Green Communities program.

The benefits to the community include low-income communities that subjected to unattractive and destructive infrastructural and manufacturing projects. Solar advocacy groups like the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) work hard to engage impacted communities when sitting on projects as we transition away from fossil fuels.

Also, Utility bills are often an unpredictably big part of the operating budget of an affordable housing community. Solar resources provide lower and more predictable energy costs, especially for all-electric projects, by stabilizing power pricing and simplifying the owner’s financial calculations. This is a significant benefit for tenants who are price-conscious.

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