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Use of Solar Energy: A Sustainable Solution for a Better Tomorrow


Without the sun the existence of all living things is impossible. Sun empowers humanity via its solar radiation. The use of solar energy is an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are finite and produce greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Moreover, Solar energy has the potential to meet a significant portion of the world’s energy needs. Furthermore, solar energy is becoming increasingly popular as people seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint and dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

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Important Points To Remember

  • Four main types of solar radiation that are usable by human beings are photovoltaics, superheating and cooling, concentrated solar radiation, and solar gains.
  • According to a recent estimation 3.8 million individuals have a residential solar panel installed in the US.
  •  your homes, wearables, garden accessories, industries, agriculture, and even the transportation sector could be powered by solar radiation.

Does solar energy have any types?

Plants have been utilizing solar radiation in the photosynthesis process since the birth of planet earth. On the other hand, humans have discovered four different ways to harness energy from solar radiation Hence, solar energy can be developed into four types. First, the photovoltaic cell transforms incoming solar radiation into usable electrical power, which is used to power homes, offices, and vehicles. Solar heating and cooling, concentrating solar radiations, and solar gains types transform solar energy into thermal energy, which is used to heat water and run turbines.

What are the ten facts about solar energy?

People are using solar energy a lot nowadays. But what makes solar energy so popular?  Here are the top ten facts listed by Solarsme.

  1. Solar panels add to your property value.
  2. Reduce carbon footprint.
  3. The cheapest source of electricity.
  4. Sun is a free renewable resource of energy.
  5. Reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.
  6. Sunlight is in abundant quantity.
  7. Economical way to power your home.
  8. Solar technologies keep getting more efficient.
  9. Maintenance of solar panels is cost-effective and lasts for about twenty to thirty years.
  10. Solar energy is a flexible source of energy.

How to use solar energy?

Humans have utilized solar energy in their home systems, solar lights, solar appliances, beautification of homes, wearables powered by solar energy, solar transportation, industries, and agriculture as well. Last decade, US solar market has seen an annual growth rate of thirty-three percent. Gladly to say the USA is among the countries that possess the top richest solar reservoirs. Currently, more than 135 gigawatts of solar panels have been installed in the USA. This amount of power is more than enough to light up 24 million homes.

According to a recent estimation 3.8 million individuals have a residential solar panel installed in the US. Furthermore, with the increasing demand for the use of energy; solar panels usage is on the verge. Here is the top list by Solarsme in which you can make use of solar energy in an effective way.

How do people use solar energy?

With the advancement in technology, people have come about a lot of ways to use solar energy.

uses of solar energy

In their home system:

1. How to use solar energy for electricity?

Electrical power production with the help of solar energy is gaining momentum with time. Furthermore, Solar electricity is cheaper than it was a decade ago. It is due to the emergence of cost-effective solar panels.  Electricity production by using solar panels is by far the cheapest and most sustainable way.

2. How solar energy is used in solar batteries and solar generators?

Solar batteries are also charged using solar energy. Conversely, which could help homeowners completely go off the grid. Concentrated solar energy could also help us to run turbines and generators with the help of steam, generated by using solar energy.

3. How solar energy is used in home ventilation?

Solar attic fans are installed in the attic of the home. Whereas these fans are beneficial in keeping the temperature of your home low. Moreover, these fans are favorable for those homeowners, who are unable to offset their entire home electricity with the help of Solar PV systems.

4. How solar panels work in water heaters?

Water heaters could be powered by solar energy Furthermore, there are two methods to heat the water using solar energy.

  • Active heating methods:

In this method, mechanical pipes are utilized for the to and fro motion of water from its storage units to solar panels.

  • Passive heating methods:

This method utilized the solar gain technique to increase the temperature of water in storage units. Further, using black water storage units the absorption of passive solar radiation could be maximized.

5. For your swimming pool and your hot tubs:

The collector utilized concentrated solar energy to heat the water. Lastly, the swimming pool or the hot tub would receive warm water. By comparison, this technique is more popular in the southern part of the USA.

6. Hot air systems to keep your home warm:

Solar energy is also used to keep your home warm.

7. Solar-powered water pumps:

You can save money by using solar energy to power your water pumps.

In powering Solar lights

Solar lights are powered by solar panels. Hence keeping our future bright. These lights could be

Solar light

1. Landscape solar lightening:

These are cheap and readily available in the market.

2. Holiday solar lights:

Solar-powered Christmas lights could help you reduce that extra strain on your pockets during the holiday season.

3. Indoor solar lights:

Individual solar cells and a battery for storing electricity compose indoor solar lights. Moreover, these solar cells are moveable. Hence, their alignment alongside the incoming solar radiation is quite easy.

4. Solar security lights:

Due to their motion sensor option, water-resistant availability, and the in-built battery system, which helps them last all night, solar security lights are stealing all the limelight.

5. Solar street lights:

With the advancement in technology, more solar streetlights are popping out alongside the road, especially on the highways. Certain traffic lights are also getting solar due to the profuse availability of sun.

In powering appliances

1. Solar battery charger:

These are the chargers that use solar energy to charge your iPhones, laptops, and even your EVs.

2. Solar wireless keyboard:

These keyboards have solar cells wielded into their dashboards.

3. Solar oven:

Cookers utilizing solar energy, as a way to cook food, are an ingenious invention. Thus, these cookers help us to prepare meals in an environmentally sustainable way.

4. Solar flashlights and lanterns:

Flashlights using solar energy could last for about thirty years and could come in handy, especially during an emergency.

5. Calculators using solar energy:

Solar calculators work with the help of solar cells.

6. Solar coolers:

Portable solar coolers operate on solar panels. These panels would then use solar energy to keep your food fresh.

7. Solar Wireless Speakers:

Wireless speakers using solar energy have an inbuilt solar panels system. 

8. Use of solar energy in dryers, washers, and refrigerators:

Solar panels to power dryers, washers, and refrigerators could prove as a cost-effective way to do your laundry and keep your food fresh.

People Use Solar Energy in Wearables:

1. Solar watches:

Mechanical watches need a constant replacement of cells, which are usually non-recyclable in nature. Furthermore, Electrical watches need a constant charge. In contrast to that, Solar watches are long-lasting as well as sustainable for the environment.

2. Solar backpacks:

Solar backpacks come with inbuilt solar panels along with a fitted battery. Obviously, which is used to charge your mobile, camera, or any electronic device.

3. Solar headphones:

Headphones that are solar in nature, could be a sustainable way to enjoy your music and podcasts without increasing your carbon footprint.

4. Solar textiles:

The solar textiles project is still in pipeline. However, soon we would be able to charge our electronic devices with the help of fabrics used to manufacture our clothes.

5. Solar bike helmets:

Bike helmets are also charged by using solar energy.

People use solar energy in the transportation field

1. Solar power EVs:

To say the least, charging your EV using solar energy is not only the trend of the twenty-first century. But it is also helping us to scale down our carbon emissions and footprint.

solar cars

2. Solar carports:

Solar carports are overhead shading systems that would not only help us charge our EVs using solar energy. But it would also protect our car from intermittent weather patterns.

3. Solar power EV chargers:

Currently, plenty of chargers are available in the market. Which would help power your EV in a clean and environmentally friendly way.

4. Solar buses:

These are the buses with solar panels mounted on top of them.

5. Solar Subways:

A decade ago, Solar subways were the thing considered to be affiliated with Japanese culture only. But now the US is also trying to budge its way into the solar-powered metro, to curb its greenhouse gas emissions.

6. Solar parking lots:

In the same way, converting parking lots into power-producing entities is an ingenious way to utilize free space.

7. Solar-powered trailers:

Solar-powered trailer parks are venturing into the US solar market for almost a decade. But is gaining mainstream media attention now more than ever.

People even use solar energy for beautification purposes:

1. Solar-powered garden decorations:

Solar-powered lights, insects as well as flowers are available in the market. However, these pieces of decoration have mostly solar cells installed in them to power them.

2. Solar Bird feeders:

If on a budget and to improve the aesthetic of your garden, solar bird feeders are the best option.

3. Solar water fountain:

The economical and renewable way to run a water fountain in your backyard garden is to use solar energy to power that water fountain.

Uses of solar energy in the industrial field:

Industries with heavy machinery and high electricity requirements need solar energy now more than ever.  Solar energy is also a good way to earn carbon tax credits.

Use of solar energy in revolutionizing the future of agriculture

Moreover, trackers, thrashers, sprinklers, tube wells, and Sowers are also being powered with the help of solar energy. In the same way, the greenhouse also uses solar energy to produce high-quality tomatoes, avocados, and off-season fruits and vegetables.

Use of solar energy in sports

1. Solar-powered benches:

Solar panels could also be installed above the ground and stadium benches. Hence, hitting the bull’s eye by conserving space and producing clean energy at the same instant.

2. Solar stadium lights:

Lights that are being used to illuminate stadiums are also going solar with the advancement in technology.

What is the future of solar energy?

Solar energy has the potential to play a significant role in the world’s energy mix in the future. According to industrial experts, United States solar installation would be reached up to four million by 2023. In the future due to the increase in accessibility to solar energy, the cost of solar electricity production would take a sharp nosedive. Lastly, the cost of solar production would be reduced by 15 to 35 percent by 2024. 


In the same way, the US Government and major corporations are trying to move towards zero carbon emissions. For this purpose, solar energy could come in quite handy. While the recent passage of the inflation reduction bill by the Biden administration is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the future use of solar energy.