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Texas Winter Storm Disasters 2021

To Deal with disasters, Strategy formulation must be an immediate concern until becomes too crucial to handle. The deadly weather conditions like a winter storm, snowfalls, ice, etc. left millions of Texans striving for necessities. The power outage is mainly obvious in the case of Texas winter storm. heavy snowfalls, and rains. Fortunately, most of the power outage challenges are entirely fatal by investing in backup battery power. Definitely, by implementing such practices, power outages in weather climates can be overcome.

Texas is having harsh winter weather as it has a record low temperature this February due to miserable winter storms. The people of Texas are struggling for their basic survival needs. According to the news, Texas showed up recorded death rate in different incidents due to winter storm. Over 38 people have died due to freezing weather since last week. The died were victims of road accidents, Carbon Monoxide poisoning due to car starts, and indoor generators to keep the place warm.

Also, Water crises are mounting in Texas with a snowstorm and freezing weather conditions. The extremely low temperature mainly causes the water supply pipeline to freeze or sometimes it may break as well. Broken pipes associated with inclement temperatures have damaged a lot of homes and businesses. According to the sources, 20% of the residents have no water in their homes. 30% households are facing low-pressure issues in the water supply as well. Clean water availability is alarming. Over 1300 systems of water supply affected due to snow and ice. Millions of residents are still under boil-water notice. The city is facing a low water level. Citizens are advised not to drink it as it may be harmful. The homeowners are rushing towards the stores to buy the bottled water for dealing with the shortage.

This winter storm harmed just too many families that are not equipped for just this kind of climatic condition. Texans are suffering from food shortage due to the snowstorm. Interruptions in food supplies, closed pantries, and suspension of deliveries are major challenges for the Texans to fulfill their hunger. Due to the heavy snowfall, the pantries, stores, and other food banks are shut down for several days. This is as it is not possible for the staff and delivery vehicles as well to reach the sites of distributions in affected areas. Long queues outside grocery stores with vacant racks have made Texans stuck in unsustainable living conditions with diminishing food resources.

Likewise, young people hunger issue is another considerable issue in some areas like Dallas around the city. According to the reports, over 86% of school-going children belong to low-income families. A huge number of youngsters rely upon the free of cost meals or weekend meal backpacks. The meals mostly offered to needy by schools or various organizations. Due to the heavy snow, freezing rain in winter storms, the schools are closed which left thousands of kids hungry resultantly.

Also, due to high temperature, heavy snowfall, and extremely cold, the crops of vegetables and fruits have been spoiled in several areas of united states. This might be leading towards the shortage of organic food in the coming time. Also, decreased production may have short-and medium-term implications for supply and prices. Due to slippery roads and ice everywhere, the milkmen have no choice except to pour the million-dollar milk into the drain. Because it is impossible for them to supply it to dairies, stores, or homes due to storms and alarming road conditions. 

As the winter storm made its way to Texas, overall Texas dragged into blackout due to electricity breakdown. As temperature started to fall, power plant facilities around United Sates began to freeze and inactive. This leads to a significant decrease in energy generation. At the same time, the power demand expanded as people turned on the heating system. Almost 50% of the electricity produced by Texas obtains from natural gas. The other half shared among coal, wind, nuclear and solar. However, due to the extreme cold, gas can’t find its place through the pipes from the ground.

According to ERCOT Texas Department reports, 46,000 megawatts became disabled on Wednesday. One megawatt would be enough to power nearly 200 homes per year. As of Wednesday, there are 70 to 80 power stations inactive, out of 680 all over the state. Heat energy gas, coal, and atomic 28,000 of those megawatts, while wind and solar remained 16,000. Roughly 40% of the generators lost power snow. The significant drop in energy resulted in a state-wide outage as ERCOT struggled to establish a balance between the needs to prevent a “disastrous” blackout. This forced the loss to last much longer than expected by ERCOT.

Over more than 4 million across the state had to deal with static electricity at their places for most of the week. In Texas, families are desperate for heat and other essentials without electricity at freezing temperatures. The electricity lost in cold weather forced Texans to look for alternatives for warming. People tried to warm by utilizing generators, fireplaces, living in operating vehicles, or taking shelter in powered heating facilities or workplaces. According to the news, since about February 17, at least 21 lives were lost of the winter storm. By February 19, at least 58 persons were dead. The casualties were related to carbon monoxide poisoning, vehicle accidents, poisoning, house burning, and hypothermia.

In fact, Power outages can rapidly deteriorate with short notice but costs massive repair for facilities not better prepared. While Texans are blaming Energy Institutes for the power disasters due to winter storms. Various officials recorded their interviews to make their citizen calm down. Dan Woodfin, Senior Director of System Operations for ERCOT explained the causes of outage in an interview. He shared that National requirements are being debated, but they are yet to be mandatory. He continued saying that power generators are typically located in northern states in buildings that fully prevent them in the snow. Texas, even so, keeps power stations out to make proper use of them through the summer season when energy demand is high, with even more households utilizing air conditioning. Using certain facilities indoors would cause an increase in temperature and prevent them from using indoors.

So far, the extreme winter storm and resultantly power outage in Texas only emphasizes Texans the need for Power Storage Battery Back Ups or Generators. This is as no one just never knows when there’s going to be an extended power outage. Although, the batteries are not total generators and not strong enough to power major appliances they might power several smaller appliances running for a long period. They are pretty robust and effective too with optional solar panels.

Concludingly, in order to prevent another catastrophe in future, there is a need for something else. As well as for state officials, power corporations and ERCOT: a climate change agenda should mainly the concern.