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Texans! Reduce Your Summer Energy Bills Up to 90% with Solar Installation

Unlock Solar Savings with 0% APR and No Upfront Cost SolarSME Your NABCAP Certified, Top-Rated Solar Partner in Texas

Beat the Heat & High Bills with the Solar Power in Texas

Since 2014, we have been delivering cost-effective solar energy solutions to residential and commercial customers to help them generate their power. We customize solar system to fit your energy goals, usage, and budget, and protect you from fluctuating electricity prices. SolarSME is committed to delivering quality and has been recognized among the Solar Power World’s “Top Solar Contractors” for multiple years. This reflects our commitment to expertise, education, and exceptional customer service.

Sun in Texas

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Texas

Sunny State

Produce unlimited energy from around 8 hours of sunlight in Texas

Lower Energy Bills

Unlock the gateway of savings for the future by reducing high electric bills

Energy Independence

Take control of your home’s power and enjoy an uninterrupted power supply year-round

Best Solar

Best Solar Incentives & Rebates

In addition to 30% federal tax credit, Texas local utilities offer solar incentives to reduce your solar installation cost

Our Solar Installation Services in Your Area

We are committed to empowering Texas homeowners and businesses with affordable & top-quality solar power and battery storage solutions to make clean solar energy accessible to the maximum community in the state.

residential solar

Residential Solar Service

We are a NABCAP & Pearl certified local solar installer in Texas. From rooftop home solar systems to solar carports, we customized each system to back off your high energy bills. Our energy experts will help you to choose the best option. Our residential solar systems ensure lifetime savings by producing clean renewable energy and up to 90% lower electric bills.

We offer 3 system design options:

  • On-Grid Solar: Least Expensive, Grid Connected, Reduces Bills
  • Off-Grid Solar: Grid Independent, Requires Batteries, Ideal for Remote Homes
  • Hybrid Solar: Combination of Grid-Tied System and Battery, Uninterrupted Power Supply, Flexible System

Commercial Solar Service

To help Texas businesses minimize their operating cost and carbon emissions, SolarSME is offering cutting-edge solar solutions for efficiency, sustainability, and financial gains.

Choose your Commercial Solar System from:

  • Rooftop Solar
  • Ground-Mount Solar
  • Commercial Solar Carport
  • Slopped Roof Solar

Solar Unmounting/ Re-Install

Relocating to a new area or plan to change your solar photovoltaics system location? Don’t worry! we are at your service. No matter who has installed your solar, we will take care of uninstalling, relocating, and re-installation.

Solar Financing

Solar Financing

To make your solar move smooth in Texas, we assist our customers with the best financing options for solar installation. Our experts will help you explore Solar Loans, PPA, and Leasing options in Texas along with the pros and cons. We strive to make your solar investment as affordable as we can.

Go solar now and enjoy long-term saving in Texas with a 30% tax credit

5 Reasons to Go Solar in Texas with SolarSME

Competitive Pricing:

SolarSME offers competitive pricing backed up by industry-leading warranties. We make sure you get the best return on your solar investment.

solar solutions

Affordable Solar Solutions:

We customize your solar energy system to fit your budgets and needs. Also, our flexible solar financing options make solar more affordable for you.


High-Quality Solar & Accessories:

We never compromise our quality. We have partnered with leading solar brands to ensure durability, efficiency, and maximum energy production.


Hassle-Free Installation:

We guarantee you a smooth, hassle-free installation process. Our experienced professionals make sure that your system is active and saving on your bills.

Exceptional Customer Support:

From consultation to post-installation maintenance, our exceptional customer support team is available to assist you at each step.

Take Advantage of Long Sunny Days with Best Texas Solar Incentives

Tired of Unexpected Long Power Outages in Texas?

Get rid of high summer bills and long power blackouts with SolarSME’s reliable solar panel system combined with our top battery storage options. Store the excess power during the day and keep your place lit up at night or when the grid is down.

Become grid-independent and save Big on your high electric bills with our best energy storage options.

Explore our Top Energy Storage Options

SolarSME Certified Tesla Installer Tesla Powerwall 3

  • Whole Home Backup

  • 24/7 Power Supply

  • Best for EV Charging

  • 11kw Builtin Hybrid Inverter

  • Rapid Shutdown MC4 for Panel Monitoring


Generac PWRcell Battery Storage System

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Modular System Design

  • Lithium-ion Battery

  • Automatic Transfer Switch

  • GeneracPWRcell 10-year Warranty


SolaX Triple Power Lithium Battery

  • 99% Charge efficiency

  • IP55 Protection level

  • 90% DOD

  • Floor or Wall Mounting

  • Safety & Reliability


Panasonic EverVolt

  • NMC Battery

  •  11.4kWh-17.1kWh Useable Capacity

  • AC/DC Coupling

  • 86%-90% Round Trip Efficiency

  • Panasonic 12 Year Warranty

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Dominique Harris
Generac solar installed by Solar SME
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I chose Solar SME because they are a reputable Generac certified solar installer. They work hard to troubleshoot any problems remotely and even send technicians to my home site. Farris from Solar SME was essential in resolving a battery module issue with our system. Farris worked tirelessly to coordinate with Generac and also a local Generac certified electrician BJ Electric to have the BMU part replaced in a timely manner.
Super happy I picked Solar SME
Read More
Competitive pricing, outstanding responsive service, from Denis (project manager) to the installation team, ran by Mohammad. They met all of my expectations and system is ready to be turned on. Can’t wait!
Joe Connolly
Read More
Our electricity expenses have almost completely reduced after we went solar with SME! We're happy with the financial savings. Nice work.
Justin Burk
Read More
Great experience overall. Excellent job with installation, panels work great!
Venkat Mallannagari
Read More
Solar SME very good company, very reasonable in price, and quick to address any concerns that I experienced. It went smoothly. They were very responsive and they provided adequate resources to ensure my customer satisfaction was thoroughly complete.

Our Residential Solar Installation Services


Rooftop Solar

Power up your home with our top-notch rooftop solar services! We specialize in custom solar solutions, seamlessly integrating energy-efficient technology onto your roof. Enjoy significant savings on your energy bills while making a positive impact on the environment. Join us in the solar revolution for a brighter, cleaner, and sustainable future.


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Ground Mount Solar

Unlock the full potential of solar energy with our ground-mount solar services. Our expert team designs and installs efficient solar solutions customized to your space. From open fields to expansive landscapes, harness the sun’s power for maximum energy production. Experience the freedom of sustainable energy with our ground-mounted solar installations.

Solar Panel Carport Installation

Solar Panel Carport

Transform your home’s exterior with our Solar Panel Carport Installation service. Elevate aesthetics while generating power and providing convenient EV charging, adding beauty and sustainability to your property.



Solar Un MountingRe Installation Service

Solar Un Mounting

Changing your address or just your mind? Our Solar Unmounting and Reinstall service offers total flexibility. It doesn’t matter who installed your panels before; we’ll relocate and reinstall at your new residence or preferred location

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