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Generac PWRCell Battery Storage 

PWRcell solar + battery storage system will power your home, reduce your monthly electric bill, and offer whole-home backup power during utility power outages. Its flexible design enables installation in any environment both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, because of its versatility, it can be set up to fit any lifestyle or budget.

How Generac PWRCell System Works?

The Home Power System comprises of: the aPower, an AC-coupled battery, and the aGate, a smart load control system. When these two components are installed together, they offer impressive functionality.
The FHP system enables whole-home backup by intelligently
turning off power-intensive appliances as needed. It seamlessly integrates with any existing solar inverter, has the capacity to
start air conditioners up to 4 tons in size, and is capable of
charging from solar, the grid, or a backup generator.
If you’ve been in search of a home battery storage system, the
capabilities described above may leave a strong impression.
FranklinWH claims that its FHP system offers functionalities that
few batteries on the market can match.

Battery Storage Generac Cycle

Generac PWRCell Home Battery System Design

Battery Storage Generac Design

Every PWRcell system couples with solar panels from the majority of manufacturers and includes an inverter, battery storage cabinet, and lithium-ion battery modules as standard equipment. A garage or the outside of a house can both be used to install the PWRcell inverter and battery cabinet. The modular structure of the Generac PWRcell enables you to increase your storage capacity as your power requirements change. Homeowners can start with a 9kWh solar + battery storage system and upgrade in 3kWh steps up to a 36kWh system.

What are the key components of the Generac PWRcell battery storage system?

The GeneracPWRcell home battery is different from standard solar home batteries in a few important ways.

1 svg    Lithium-ion Battery:

Like the Tesla Powerwall, the GeneracPWRcell is a lithium-ion battery with a long lifespan as well as little maintenance.

Automatic  Automatic Transfer Switch:

The GeneracPWRcell can seamlessly take overpowering your house following a power failure through this preprogrammed feature.

PWR 3 PWRmanager:

You can further customize your power output during a blackout with the PWRmanager. You may prioritize circuits in your home with the PWRview app to keep your essential appliances operating. You can forecast your monthly energy expense by using the app to track your energy usage and battery life.

Svg 4 Two Battery Models:

Choose between the GeneracPWRcell EX and DCB. Operating temperatures for the two versions vary from 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit for the EX model to 41 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit for the DCB type. All other specifications are quite comparable.

svg 5 Battery Warranty:

 According to the GeneracPWRcell 10-year warranty, “Generac Power Systems, Inc. (Generac) ensures that its Generac PWRcell products will be free from defects in material and workmanship beginning upon the successful registration of the unit.” This coverage is valid for the products and duration(s) specified in the warranty.

Battery Storage Generac Wall

What is the storage capacity of the Generac PWRcell System?

Three modules are present in a single Generac solar battery. Most homes will be able to keep running their key appliances during a power outage with this battery capacity. An automated transfer switch is built into the Generac PWRcell battery to keep your necessary connections powered up even after a power outage. You may need more battery units if you want to keep the entire house powered up. The average American home uses 893 kWh of electricity each month or about 29 kWh per day. If you assume that you use the most electricity while awake, it works out to less than 2kWh per hour. Thus, a 9kWh Generac PWRcell may keep running essential appliances for several hours. On one side, Your solar investment may have an additional expense due to the purchase of a solar battery. In contrast, a solar battery like the Generac PWRcell can increase the supply of useful solar energy you have in your hands in the event of a power outage or the event that extreme cold weather temporarily knocks out power in your area. Getting a Generac PWRcell home battery simultaneously with adding a solar panel system to your house in 2023 can be a smart move.