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Solar Energy Policy Highlights for the month of June

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This solar energy policy snapshots contain all the latest regulations and research from all over the United States for June.

Hundreds of environmental groups asked for an investigation into the electric utility industry (Washington, D.C.)

Over 230 consumer, environmental, and public interest organizations petitioned the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the electric utility industry for “widespread abuses.” Customers being denied access to renewable solar energy, bribery, and “dark-money” campaigns are among the alleged abuses.

The CPUC is seeking public input as it reopens the NEM 3.0 proceeding (Sacramento, California)

The California Public Utilities Commission has “reopened the record” on its NEM 3.0 proceedings. However, This is to gather more information on key points of the proposed decision. The California Solar & Storage Association organized rallies in response to the continued consideration of a solar tax.

Maryland regulatory bodies would increase the net-metering cap and grant incentives to low-income community solar (Annapolis, Maryland)

Maryland lawmakers passed legislation exempting community solar energy projects from property taxes. According to this, if they serve a certain percentage of low-income customers or meet other criteria, as well as raising the net-metering cap on such projects from 2 MW to 5 MW, they will exempt from the property tax. Moreover, AlzBoth bills are awaiting Governor Larry Hogan’s signature.

DOE is offering $8 million for projects for agrivoltaics advancement (Washington, D.C.)

The United States Department of Energy has announced a new funding opportunity for projects. That opportunity investigates how solar energy combined with agriculture, or agrivoltaics, can scale and provide new opportunities for farmers and rural communities. Due to this, up to six agrivoltaics projects will be supported by the $8 million.

Missouri would pass a bill to reduce HOA solar restrictions (Jefferson City, Missouri)

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