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DOE Awards to PV Research Projects

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SETO is designed to encourage a diverse group of researchers on PV research projects. The SIPS program makes it easier for new scientists to join their pool and encourages grants to first-time lead researchers on PV research projects.

Bringing new researchers into the DOE ecosystem with their bold, innovative ideas will create new technology for clean energy.

Here are some of the projects (PV research projects) selected to receive awards, which increased in two areas: power conversion & CSP. 

1- Arizona State University 

Location: Tempe, Arizona

Project Name: Planar Transformer Systems for Modular Power Electronics in Long-haul, Low-cost PV Systems

DOE Award Amount: $300,000

2- Argonne National Laboratory 

Location: Lemont, Illinois

Project Name: Solar-Leap: A Democratized Tool to Manage Long-Term Impact of Environmental and Operational Conditions on Asset Performance Degradation

DOE Award Amount: $300,000

3- Case Western Reserve University

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Project Name: Accelerating Cycles of Learning of Advanced Silicon Architectures: Cell Processing Approaches and their Effect on Degradation Mechanisms

DOE Award Amount: $300,000

4- University of Alabama 

Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Project Name: Precursor Engineering of All-Inorganic Perovskite Absorber and Rapid Photonic Annealing for Large-Area Highly Stable Perovskite Solar Modules

DOE Award Amount: $300,000

5- University of Arizona 

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Project Name: Advanced Perovskite Solar Cell Development and Stability Using In-Line Electrochemical Methodologies

DOE Award Amount: $300,000

6- University of Connecticut 

Location: Storrs, Connecticut

Project Name: Performance Assessment of PV Panels Using Impedance Spectroscopy

DOE Award Amount: $300,000

7- University of Delaware 

Location: Newark, Delaware

Project Name: In-situ Hydrogen Microstructural Characterization of Silicon Heterojunction Passivation: Addressing Open Circuit Voltage Degradation and Mitigation Pathways

DOE Award Amount: $300,000

8- The University of Hawaii at Manoa

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Project Name: Monolithic Encapsulation of Perovskite Solar Cells with Transparent Conductive Composites for Long-Term Stability

DOE Award Amount: $300,000

9- University of Virginia 

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

Project Name: High-Efficiency Recycled Silicon Solar Cells

DOE Award Amount: $250,000

10- Uriel Solar 

Location: Westlake Village, California

Project Name: Investigations of Single-Crystal Cadmium Telluride on Silicon to Enable Future PV Devices

DOE Award Amount: $300,000

Hence, all these awards are the motivation for shifting from traditional energy resources to renewable solar.

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