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Panasonic is offering a NEW “EverVolt AllGuard All System” Warranty on its Complete Solar + Battery Storage Bundle

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Panasonic introduced a NEW Warranty “EverVolt AllGuard All System” for its customers who purchase Solar + Battery Storage systems together. The bundle includes “Pansonic Solar Panels” & “EverVolt 2.0 Battery Storage”.

However, this is the first warranty from Panasonic to include coverage for a solar panel system in addition to protection for the EverVolt 2.0 ESS. Also, it provides consumers with new levels of protection that include product, performance, and labor for all essential system components:

EverVolt AllGuard All System Warranty Covers:

The new AllGuard warranty will provide warranties like:

  • Solar Panels: 25 Years 
  • Racking System: 25 Years
  • Invertor: 10 Years
  • Panasonic EverVolt 2.0 ESS: 10 Years

However, the terms and conditions for EverVolt AllGuard All System Warranty include:

  1. The Solar System must be installed by Panasonic Authorized Installer.
  2. The warranty will only cover “Enphase Microinverters” purchased from Panasonic.
  3. The warranty will apply on only “Unirac and IronRidge” racking systems.

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