How to Lower Down Utility Bills with Solar Energy System in Home

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How to Lower Down Utility Bills with Solar Energy System in Home

Utility bills are always a fact of life for people. And, the increasing utility bills are scary and sometimes unmanageable for most homeowners. The new trend of using solar energy systems is the solution to the high electric bills. The solar panel system installation can help homeowners in reducing their electric bills. Also, they can save more with a solar PV system installation.

In the current time, if we look around, there is hardly anything that can operate without electric power. From an air conditioner to a small electric kettle, every appliance needs electricity to perform. Well, according to this situation, increasing electricity tariffs is a real-time scenario. 

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In this article, we will share some helpful tips for homeowners to help them lower down their bills. We will highlight how a solar energy system is beneficial for a homeowner in cutting down the electric charges.

Installing a solar panel system is the best solution to all the utility bills problems of a homeowner. Yes, by going solar, you can generate power from sunlight for your home. As we all know that sunlight is unlimited so you can produce unlimited energy from panels as well. 

In the case of utility bills, there are mainly 3 issues that a homeowner has to face that are:

1- High Electricity Bills

2- Continuously Increasing Electricity Charges

3- Electric Tariffs Increase is Unpredictable

1-  High Electricity Bills

First of all, two main factors depict the cost of utility bills of a home. The factors include: the one is electricity use and the other is the cost which utility company is charging. 

Secondly, it makes sense that the more electric power you will use, your electric bills will increase. 

Many utilities, for example, have tiered rate systems that increase the charge per kWh used as the overall amount of power used increases. The bill gets multiplied as a result of this. Not only is more electricity being consumed, but it is also being charged at higher prices.

With a solar panel installation, homeowners can generate their electric power from sunlight. The solar panels absorb sunlight and produce power for the home. You do not need to use the grid electricity when you have a solar energy system on your rooftop. 

By this, when you will use solar power, you will become grid-independent. This impacts positively on the utility bills also. As, when you utilize less grid power, the electricity bill will automatically reduce.

2-  Continuously Increasing Electricity Charges

Electricity rates are not just high now, but they are also rising over time. Increases in utility rates exceed inflation and wage growth. This means that normal Americans are spending a greater portion of their income on their electric bills.

Even, when utilities integrate cleaner, less expensive renewable energy into the electric system, the costs of maintaining and expanding the grid are substantial. Because the United States was one of the first countries to construct an electric grid, our system is also one of the oldest. Every year, utility companies invest hundreds of millions of dollars in towers, lines, substations, and transformers. Even as cheaper generation sources come online, these charges continue to drive up the cost of transporting electricity.

In this situation, 

A solar energy system can help homeowners save money on their utility bills. Because sunlight is free, solar panels have essentially no ongoing fuel or maintenance cost. Solar panel systems also generate electricity at home. There is no need for costly transmission infrastructure. Solar systems will become increasingly appealing as grid maintenance prices continue to grow.

3-  Electric Tariffs Increase is Unpredictable

The uncertainty of utility costs is one of the most common complaints we hear from homeowners. It’s quite tough to determine how much energy a home consumes in real-time. Increased usage during the month sometimes goes unnoticed until the bill arrives the following month. This forces homeowners to make difficult budgetary decisions to pay their expenses.

However, utility bills expenses with solar panels are extremely predictable. Many homes can meet 100 percent of their energy consumption with their solar energy system. In which case the utility would normally only charge them a $10-20 minimum service charge to cover grid maintenance fees, net metering fees, and other associated costs. If the solar panel system does not meet 100 percent of its demands, it will be responsible for a portion of the remaining power bill. This will fluctuate throughout the year.

There are no recurring costs for the system or power with a cash purchase. With financing, you’ll have a fixed monthly cost that won’t change depending on the season or how often you use it right now. In either case, this steadiness can be extremely beneficial to homeowners who are trying to budget their monthly spending.

Concludingly, right now, a solar energy system with a solar battery is the talk of the town. Technology advances quickly, and batteries are the way of the future. A solar battery allows you to store extra energy generated by your solar panels during the day for usage at night or when utility prices are high (e.g., after work and at nighttime). You, not your utility company, are in charge of your energy demands. What happens when the sun rises again in the morning? Your battery has been recharged once again.

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