How Switch to Solar is beneficial for a residential homeowner

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How Switch to Solar is beneficial for a residential homeowner

Switch to Solar includes solar panels plus home battery storage that can change your life. Also, the earth is getting warmer due to global warming, so people are trying to Switch to Solar to fulfill their social responsibility.

This individual effort will collectively result in less global warming. So, going solar is a good initiative in my view. So, if you think that Switching to Solar by putting solar panels on your rooftop will not make a big difference then behold it can.

Switch to Solar will not only change your life it will have a sound impact on other’s life as well. It will create for you a better environment in the future.

However, it is great because solar panels and a home battery storage system would lower your carbon footprint. This reason makes us passionate as a solar company to help as many people as we can to go solar.

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Switch to Solar can Alter your lifestyle:

Like other renewable energy sources, homeowners in the United States are choosing solar panels with home battery storage systems at a faster rate than before.

On one side, for such a massive growth of solar power is the decreasing cost of solar panels and home battery storage systems. State solar incentives and investment tax credit also contribute to emphasize homeowners to Switch to Solar in the United States.

Secondly, Solar energy not only has the benefit of decreasing cost but also improves your health and protects the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Installing solar panels with a home battery storage system on your home will give you many financial benefits like it will reduce your carbon footprint and increase your energy independence.

Moreover, You can enjoy these benefits by installing grid-tied solar systems on your rooftop. Switch to solar with an off-grid solar system will give you greater energy independence and further reduce your carbon footprint than the grid-tied one.

Both types of solar panels with home battery storage systems will positively improve your lifestyle.

Switch to Solar will increase your financial savings:

In fact, Homeowners usually Switch to Solar for economic benefits.

Also, You can save a lot of money by switching to solar. The four economic benefits of going solar are as follows:

1: Switch to Solar & you’ll have clear electricity bill savings:

You expend a part of your income on your monthly electricity bills.

A PV system with a home battery storage system will generate free power for you for an approximately 25-year life span.

Hence, If your PV system is not producing enough solar energy that your home needs, don’t worry solar will still save you many dollars on your monthly electricity bill.

Moreover, You’ll receive a bill from an electric company if your PV system is tied to the electricity grid. But the amount of bill will be lower than without solar panels and a home battery storage system.

If your PV system produces excess solar energy than your home needs, the unused electricity will go to the electricity meter.

You’ll receive a credit on excess solar power for future use.

2: Switch to Solar helps avoid rising Energy Costs:

Electricity prices are increasing day by day throughout the US. Switch to Solar will save you from the high electricity costs.

3: Switch to Solar increases your property value:

Homes with solar panels installed on their rooftop have more sales prices than homes without them.  

Solar with a home battery storage system will reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity bills.  

4: Switch to Solar will give you a great return on your investment:

The average US resident with solar panel installation will get a 20% or more return on investment (ROI). Because mostly PV systems pay for themselves multiple times during their decades-long lifetime.

Switch to Solar can help you to do more vacations:

Saving on electricity bills by switching to solar will bring you to a situation where you have so much extra money to spend on fun things like vacations, hobbies, or entertainment.

Huge savings on electricity bills make your dream vacations come true. 

Switch to Solar can let you make other improvements in your home:

As you can save a lot on electricity bills by switching to solar. You can make some improvements in your home by using these savings.

There are many advancements that you can make in your home:

  • You can add a gray water system
  • Can install a tankless water heater
  • Upgrade your home appliances
  • Can put a smart-home system

You can make other changes like furnishing your master bath according to the present trend. This could all be done with the help of savings you made from your PV system.

Switch to Solar can turn you into an influencer:

You can influence people by installing solar energy systems with a home battery storage system in your home. This is true because when you save a lot from your home solar system with a zero-carbon footprint, it’ll attract the people in your neighborhood.

So, other homeowners will start following you and, most of them also decide on going solar.

Switch to Solar trigger people in your neighborhood to Go Solar:

Your decision to go solar not only benefits you but will also attract the people in your neighborhood.

They’ll also think about the option to Switch to Solar. Because people will understand the fact that going solar would result in carbon dioxide(CO2) emission reduction, less global warming, and a somewhat reduced greenhouse effect.

So, the idea of going solar will become appealing to people and, they’ll start asking you for the information regarding installation procedure.

Switch to Solar will influence your friends and family:

It is proven that word of mouth has a great impact on people. Because your opinion about solar energy will lead your family and friends to decide to Switch to Solar or not.

Switch to Solar has many other environmental benefits:

The electricity sector of the united states contributes up to 27% of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas emissions. This survey is done by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Usually, fossil fuels are used to generate electric power. Fossil fuel combustion increases carbon gas emissions and pollutes the air. This will result in global warming.

Switch to Solar would be great because it will reduce your carbon footprint. Installing a solar energy system on your rooftop with a home battery storage system will let you save from carbon-emitting electricity from the grid.

You’ll also become able to transfer excessive solar electricity into the grid when your solar panels produce more electricity than your needs with the help of net metering.

On average a residential PV system will turn off 3 to 4 tons of carbon gas emissions each year. It is equal to planting 100 trees annually.

Switch to Solar decrease the Greenhouse gas emissions:

Solar energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions to a greater extent. The greenhouse effect is constantly increasing global warming.

Global warming leads to climate change. 

Climate change contributes to severe environmental and public health issues in the northeast of the USA. These issues include unexpected weather events, snowstorms, rising sea levels, and changes in the ecosystem.

Switch to Solar reduce the demand for fossil fuel energy, reduce/eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and lower your carbon footprint.

Each solar installation leads to a positive impact on the environment.

Switch to Solar decreases the respiratory disorders and cardio health problems:

Switch to Solar decreases the ratio of pollutants in the air. A study by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) shows that solar energy results in less nitrogenous and sulfur oxides and other components that result in chronic diseases of lungs, respiratory tract, and heart problems.

So, going solar is environmentally friendly, money-saving, and energy-saving for you as well.

The solar industry increases the opportunities for local jobs:

More homeowners are inclined towards installing solar on their rooftops in the United States. It increases the opportunities for local jobs.

So, increasing the ratio of Switch to Solar is boosting your local economy a well. About a quarter-million people from the solar industry are working for solar companies near you, data showed by The Solar Foundation’s annual Solar Jobs Census.

Switch to Solar is beneficial for all:

Your little effort to Switch to clean and green energy has a positive impact on people and the environment in the future. You become a part of climate change solution by Switching to Solar.

Sun is a natural fuel for the planet earth. As long as the sun continues to shine and you have a way to capture its energy through solar panels and home battery storage systems, you can avoid creating hazardous air pollutants that lead to several environmental and public health concerns.


Homeowners are looking for solar panels with home battery storage solutions as a way to avoid power outages in case of storms like this happened last year.

From the above article, you all have developed a sense that solar is both environmentally friendly and economically beneficial.

So, if you have made your mind to Switch to Solar then visit our Residential Services to get more information about our residential solar services. 

Feel free to call us at 214-556-8288 or get a free quote. Our energy experts are always available to help you in this regard.

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