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Austin Energy Rebates

Are you considering switching to solar? Solar systems are clean, reliable and efficient to generate renewable energy for your home. Austin Energy provides Solar Incentives to educate people on solar energy and helps them with their purchases. Find out more about the Austin Energy Rebates program and get a free quote at:


Austin Energy will help you have the best experience by making the best investment possible. With their residential solar rebate program, you can.

  • Reduce your electric bill.
  • Contribute to developing a clean environment.
  • Get the knowledge you need to make the best choice.

Austin Energy Solar Rebate :

Austin energy offers $2500 solar rebate after you complete their solar education course. Then have a qualified solar PV system installed at your residence.

Federal Investment Tax Credit :

You may also qualify for a 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit on the cost of your solar system, including the labor costs.

Property Tax Exemption :

You may also qualify for a property tax exemption. That allows homeowners to erase the added value of a solar system from the value of their property for tax purposes. This makes it more economical for a tax payer to install a solar system.

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Firstly, complete the Austin energy Solar Education Course and take the short quiz afterwards. Then provide your selected solar company with the reference number you get from your quiz. Your contractor will complete the rebate application on your behalf. Leave the rest to your contractor and Austin energy!

picture a shine in handELIGIBILITY CRITERIA :

These are the requirements to qualify for Austin Energy’s rebate program.

  • You must have an Austin Energy residential utility account.
  • The solar system should connect to that utility account.
  • Complete the Austin Energy Solar Education Course  before applying for the rebate program.
  • You must use an Austin Energy participating contractor.
  • The solar system should be 3KW or larger.
  • You must have a Letter Of Intent (LOI) before system installation.

Exclusions :

  • Third Party Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are not acceptable.
  • Homes with existing solar panel systems do not stand eligible for the program.
  • Leased Solar systems are not eligible to participate as well.

How to Apply

  • Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Complete the Austin Energy Solar Education Course.
  • Take the quiz after completion of the course.
  • Select a contractor.

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You should be able to compare the solar proposals from your contractors. The course can take up to 30 minutes to complete. but we suggest you to take your time and understand the keypoints thoroughly. Once the course is complete, you can take the quiz which you have to complete in one go. You cannot save your information and start again later.

For your rebate application, you will  share your electric utility account number, address, ZIP code and contact information. After that, your contractor will complete the application on your behalf.


Take the Solar education course:


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