Having a Solar Home in Texas: Is it Worth it or Not?

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Having a Solar Home in Texas: Is it Worth it or Not?

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It is a natural human tendency and psychologically normal to be afraid of something new. Indeed having a solar home in Texas is a big investment. Before installing solar panels, a homeowner wants to make sure that he is investing in something beneficial. 


So, if you live in Texas and pondering the questions like Are Solar Panels Worth It in Texas? Will Going Solar in Texas save me Money? etc., 

Although, the simple answer to the above query questions is YES Going Solar Is Worth’s in Texas. 


 To help deciding Texas homeowner’s solar decision with more confidence and surety, In this article, we will highlight some important considerations which ensure that installing solar panels in your Texas homes is worthy for you. 

  • Are Solar Panels Sufficient for Texas Climate?

Since the sun shines everywhere, this is the fact that investing in solar is a beneficial investment anywhere. 

According to a weather report, In Texas, there are almost 234 sunny days on average. Getting solar in sunny states like Texas is a wise choice. During the summer, the big and bold Texas sun emits a lot of heat. This makes much more sun covert into more power. 

Texas is a sunny state which is the perfect setting for solar panels. The solar panels work more efficiently in more sunlight.

  • How a Homeowner Can Save with Going Solar in Texas?

If you are among those who prefer to be independent like having your own house, your car instead of a rented house or family car, we encourage you to produce your home power and become independent from the power grid.

Going solar is a package full of savings and benefits. It makes you energy independent as well as saves a lot of money you pay for summer bills.

The answer to the question that how it is possible to save money by installing solar panels is that when your panels produce more power, you rely less on grid electricity. And when you less utilize grid power, the electricity bills will automatically drop down which leads you to save more money than before.

To understand more about the savings, assume your yearly electricity cost is $2400. When you install a solar system it gradually drops to $1200. Is it seeming pleasant to you or not? Of course, you will be more than happy with this saving option.

So! don’t get late in going solar and fill up your pockets with your electricity bills saving.

  • What Solar Incentives and Rebates I will receive, If I go solar in Texas?

If money saving is not enough for you to analyze the worth of going solar in Texas state, the state rebates and incentives will motivate you to install solar panels in your home.

Texas is already taking initiatives to the renewable energy policies as a national pioneer. The state has already made tremendous progress in the energy revolution. 

The state aims to motivate its people about going solar and energy independent. In this regard, Texas is offering many gifts, incentives, and rebates to Texans. 

The prominent rebate for the state people is 26% Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). It means that if you wish to install solar panels, the state will bear the 26% cost. Isn’t it worth it for you? 

Although the Tax credit was 30% in 2019 and is decreasing with time.

You can learn in detail about all the solar incentives and rebates Texas is offering at the Texas Rebate section.

All we want you to take the advantage of this limited-time rebate so this is the right time to Go Solar in Texas with a Tax Credit worth 26%.

  • Is Going Solar Worthy for Texas Clean Environment?

Well, if you are a socially responsible person and want to play some part in maintaining a clean state environment, if you are worried about your impact on the environment, then going solar is worth it.

As it is clear that solar panels utilize sun energy to produce power for the home. Installing a PV system is an environment-friendly decision because producing power with solar emits ZERO carbon dioxide or other harmful elements. Solar energy is renewable energy and it helps people in securing natural resources.

Overall, the use of solar energy for power production has some considerable positive environmental impacts. Choosing solar is the worthy, sustainable and eco-friendly option to lighten up homes. 

You can learn in detail about the Solar Energy Environmental Impacts: The Benefits of Solar to Earth

  • How Solar Panel Installation Impacts Home Value?

Like other aspects, having solar panels installed on your home roof impact positively on your home or property value. According to the Department of Energy Research Experts, installing a new solar panel set increases the value of a home by $15000 on average. What do you think this worth or not for you? Of course, going solar is worthy and beneficial for your property value. Having a solar home helps the homeowner to earn a higher resale value!

Hence, after reading all the related aspects above, it is not difficult to answer the question that Are Solar Panels Worth it in Texas in YES! Solar Panels Are Worth It in Texas… Indeed, having a solar home is a complete worthy package in Texas.

Going solar in Texas not only saves your money but also helps you to contribute towards a clean environment. Moreover, it not only increases your home value but also with ITC Rebate, the state of Texas bear expenses with you. Selecting solar is as following the change for positive movement towards protecting the earth.

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