REC Solar Panels Review: A Complete Overview about Origin, Characteristics, Compatibility, and Availability

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REC Solar Panels Review: A Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners

REC solar panels are great value for money and are backed by a 20-year product warranty and above average 25-year performance warranty. These solar panels are best for those who are looking for a high-quality, reliable, and affordable solar panel system

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Important Points To Remember:

  • If you are searching for a high-quality PV system that can power your home in the long run, REC can fulfill this requirement.
  • REC is an established brand which is another reason to choose REC solar panels.
  • Two of REC’s panel series have a temperature coefficient of -0.26%/°C, making them among the best-performing panels on the market.
  • Three of REC’s four solar panel models come with a power warranty that guarantees a power output of at least 92% at year 25 and an annual degradation of no more than 0.25%.
  • One of the main reasons behind REC panels’ popularity and increasing demand is its Award-Winning Half-Cut Cell technology.

After deciding to go solar, one question that instantly comes to mind is “Which solar panel brand is the right fit for my home?” There are many factors to consider when choosing a solar panel such as efficiency, warranty, and price. 

It is important to do your research and compare different brands and models before deciding. You may also want to consider getting quotes from multiple solar installers to get the best possible price.

In this article, we are conducting a thorough review of REC Solar Panels. We will highlight the characteristics, compatibility, availability, and other aspects of REC Solar Panels to help homeowners in their solar investment

REC Solar Panels: Company Origin

REC (Renewable Energy Corporation) is a leading innovator in solar PV technology, and they are constantly developing new solar technologies to manufacture more efficient and affordable solar panels.

The company is famous as the largest solar panels manufacturing group. The company started working in 1996 in Norway.

According to the reports, the company had manufactured around 38 million solar panels yet. Around 16+ million people are fulfilling their power needs with REC solar panels. REC primarily manufactures the panels in Singapore. However, these solar panels are available in the United States, Europe, and Asian markets. REC Group has introduced high-power and robust quality solar panels which compete with famous solar brands like Panasonic, and LG in the market. Resultantly, REC solar panels are now popular among homeowners.

What is the Production Technology of REC Solar Panels?

One of the main reasons behind REC panels’ popularity and increasing demand is its Award-Winning Half-Cut Cell technology. This technology enables the panels to work efficiently even in shaded places. REC is the first company that introduced this innovation. Due to so many advantages and performance, this half-cut technology has now become the standard in the solar industry. Also, REC has used PERC cell architecture technology in one of its panel ranges.

What is Half-Cut Cell technology?

In 2014, REC Group explored the half-cut cell technology and manufactured the solar panel with this structure. This module design refers to splitting the solar panel into two halves by reducing solar cell size. The idea behind using this technology is to increase the power output by minimizing the cell size. Due to the half-split design, the top and the bottom half-panel work like two separate panels. This means that if the one-half panel is in a shaded place, it will not affect the performance of the other half.

Traditionally, shading can affect the panel performance of a 60-cell panel by 40% even if a small portion is facing shade. The half-cut cell technology and split design module result in higher production and upgraded performance over the panel’s life.

What are the Top REC Solar Panel Models?

REC offers a wide range of high-power panels for residential homeowners as well as commercial usage. The company is proud of its photovoltaic system modules’ thorough testing. REC offers a warranty of 25 Years as well as low installation cost if the installer you choose is REC-certified.

We will evaluate the technical specifications of each residential series panel which will help you to compare REC and other brands in the market. Following are some top-rated REC solar panel models:

REC Alpha Panels Series

The company introduced its Alpha series in 2019. Its structure is designed upon advanced heterojunction (HJT) cells in a half-cut panel. With 16 micro-busbars, the peak energy efficiency is a stunning 21.7% of HJT cells. This technological advancement supports REC in competing with the industry leaders like Panasonic, LG, etc. in the market.

REC TWINPEAK Panels Series

This series includes p-type monocrystalline solar panels which contain 120 half-cut cells. This technology resists power loss. The innovative design, which features excellent solar panel efficiency and power output, allows you to maximize the space available for installation and is suitable for residential, commercial, and utility applications.

REC N-PEAK series is also made up of n-type monocrystalline solar cells. PEAK panels are ideal for scenarios when installation space is limited. These panels can enable you to achieve greater power outputs with fewer panels. Also, they fit the most power into a small space. This series is perfect for rooftop solar installation, both residential and commercial when space is limited.

How to Compare REC Panels with Other Solar Panel Manufacturers?


The amount of sunlight that a panel absorbs and is then converted into electricity is known as panel efficiency. Generally, REC panels have a 15.2% to 19.8% efficiency rating. Although the REC panels’ efficiency depends upon the range you choose.  According to the research, REC N PEAK provides the highest efficiency of 19.8%. So, if you are searching for some low-cost and moderate-performance solar panels, TWIN PEAK 2 series is a good option. The efficiency ratio of this series is 18%.

Power Rating:

A power rating number is assigned to all solar panels, indicating how much power they produce under industry-standard test circumstances. Solar PV systems having a higher power rating produce more energy. In the market, most panels’ power rating ranges from 200 to 350 watts. The REC TWIN PEAK 2S 72 MONO series have a 380W output, making it more powerful than conventional REC panels. 


When choosing a solar panel brand, it’s important to go with one that has a reliable guarantee. Depending upon the series, REC provides product warranties of 10-year, 12-year, and 20-year. All REC products come with a 25-year linear warranty.


Each solar cell technology has its temperature coefficients, which have a direct impact on the PV module’s power production. A temperature coefficient of -0.5%/deg C means that for every one-degree increase in temperature, the PV’s power production drops by half a percent. The temperature coefficients of REC panels range from -0.31 to -0.33 percent /deg C.


For many homeowners, the cost is the deciding factor when it comes to solar PV systems. The total cost of a solar energy system with REC solar panels will vary. It is based on the other equipment usein the installation (such as inverters and mounts) and the type of your roof. This factor makes REC gain a strong value in the home solar market. Moreover, due to the 30% federal solar tax credit, which everyone qualifies for, you can install a REC solar panel system at an affordable price.

What are the Pros of REC Solar Panels?

Like any product requiring such an upfront cost, REC solar panels have benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before making a purchase. It’s essential to consider the options whether your main reason for going solar is sustainable living or reducing your reliance on the electric grid by integrating your solar system with energy storage.

The major advantages of REC solar panels include:

  • PV System Efficiency: REC solar panels are among the most effective solar panels on the market. Also, the company is a pioneer in the development of half-cut solar cell technology, which has enhanced solar panel energy production all around.
  • Panel’s Performance: Two of REC’s panel series have a temperature coefficient of -0.26%/°C, making them among the best-performing panels on the market.
  • Power Warranty: Three of REC’s four solar panel models come with a power warranty that guarantees a power output of at least 92% at year 25 and an annual degradation of no more than 0.25%. This is higher than many of the panels that are currently available.

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The best way to decide about REC solar panels for your home is to analyze various quotes with different types of equipment. You can compare all the options by visiting EnergySage Solar Marketplace.

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Overall it can be concluded that REC solar panels are excellent and recommended by various US solar installers. If you are searching for a high-quality PV system that can power your home in the long run, REC can fulfill this requirement.

Secondly, REC is an established brand which is another reason to choose REC solar panels. You can trust the company panel warranty as well as their customer support.

As a homeowner, you need to contact a reputable solar installer for REC panels installation. For this, SolarSME is here to help you out throughout the process of REC solar installation. Get a quick estimate with our Solar Calculator NOW!

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