North Carolina Incentives that can pay for your solar panels

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Last Updated on September 27, 2022 by admin

North Carolina Incentives that can pay for your solar panels

north carolina incentives

North carolina incentives for your solar panel are easy available. It’s an investment in a cleaner lifestyle, energy independence from the grid, and lower electric bills. When you install a solar panel system in your home, it reduces your utility bills by generating your own renewable energy.

Furthermore, there are numerous programs in North Carolina that will help with the upfront expenditures of going solar. We’ve compiled a list of North Carolina solar incentives as well as other ways homeowners may save money by switching to a greener type of energy to power their home with a solar installation.



  1. Duke Energy Solar Rebate Program

Look into local energy firms’ rebates and incentive programs for their electric users. Customers who want to go solar with Duke Energy may be eligible for the company’s North Carolina Solar Rebate Program. Residential users can receive a $0.60/Watt rebate per watt under the program, up to $6,000! Nonresidential clients and NGOs can also take advantage of their offers.

The program is first come, first served, however you should check to see if you qualify for the waitlist and if you match the eligibility requirements before applying.

  1. Solar Panel Loans with Low Interest Rates in North Carolina

Individual counties and communities in North Carolina will be able to offer low-interest loans for renewable energy upgrades, such as solar panels, according to state policies. Enjoy the benefits of this insurance, which include an interest rate cap of 8%, solar terms of no more than 20 years in North Carolina, and terms that are simple to renew.

  1. Property Tax Exemption in North Carolina

Installing solar panels, as you may have heard or imagined, dramatically raises the appraised value of your home. It even speeds up the sale of your home by 20% compared to a home without a solar system.

Normally, an increase in property value would result in an increase in property taxes. When it comes to solar in North Carolina, however, this is not the case. This government rule exempts 80 percent of the value of your solar panels from property taxes.

  1. Building Rebate Permits

There are numerous solar incentives and rebates available in North Carolina if you know where to look. Some rebates are little but powerful, and they mount up over time. For example, if you install solar power systems on residential or commercial premises in Asheville, NC, you can obtain a rebate on your building permit!

  1. North Carolina’s Net Metering Programs

One of the most appealing aspects of adopting solar is that you may be compensated for it. Solar panels might already help you save money, but did you know they can also help you make money? When your home produces more energy than you use, you can sell the extra back to your energy supplier through a procedure known as “net metering.”

  1. Federal Tax Credit for Solar Energy

The Federal Solar Tax Credit is one of the best incentives for going solar offered by the federal government. They are offering a 26 percent federal tax credit on the purchase of solar panels until the end of December 2022.

This credit on your federal taxes, also known as the Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, can easily offset a major percentage of the cost of converting to solar electricity for your home. It’s critical that you take advantage of this tax credit as soon as possible, because the credit percentage will begin to diminish for taxpayers in January 2023, and it will totally disappear in 2024.

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