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Cheap Solar Panels: Why should you Invest in Quality Solar Equipment?

You may have either found online and noticed that some solar panels and inverters are more expensive than others or you received a quote for a solar panel system that was higher than you expected, and you’re not sure if it’s worth the cost. Buying and setting up a solar panel system can be expensive. You may want to save money by installing cheap solar panels but there are few risks associated with such panels.


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Important Points To Remember:

  • It is always a better choice to invest in high-quality solar panels from a reputable company rather than purchasing cheap panels from an unknown manufacturer.
  • If the frame of the solar panel is of poor quality, it may allow water to seep into the modules.
  • When cheap solar panels either get damaged or stop working, the installers refuse to pay out warranties.
  • Cheap solar panels can be cost-effective to install but can be dangerous for your home in the long run.
  • Expensive solar panels are usually better in terms of quality and efficiency.

Is there Any Difference in the Quality of Cheap Solar Panels?

It is crucial to understand that there are differences in the quality of solar panels available in the market. Cheaper solar panels are often made from low-quality materials, which means they are not as long-lasting and efficient.

Furthermore, inexpensive solar panels may not have undergone the same rigorous safety testing as high-quality brands. This means they can be more prone to breaking and causing fires.

It is always a better choice to invest in high-quality solar panels from a reputable company rather than purchasing cheap panels from an unknown manufacturer. By doing so, you’ll receive a more reliable and efficient product.

If you want to install solar panels, it is essential to select a quality product that will last you for about 25 to 30 years.

Common Problems with Low-Quality Solar Panels:

Installation of high-quality panels may increase the initial cost of the entire solar system, but it provides you with more benefits as compared to low-quality panels. The leading solar panel brands provide better warranties and higher conversion efficiency as compared to cheap solar panels.

Inexpensive solar panels may have the following problems:

Poor Welding

The cheap panels have welding of subpar quality. The main function of welding is to hold the components of panels together. The low-quality welding leads to various issues, such as hot spots, which are bad for your solar panel system.

Water leakage:

If the frame of the solar panel is of poor quality, it may allow water to seep into the modules. This can cause damage to the solar cells, greatly reducing their performance and their efficiency.

Deterioration of Protective Layer:

Tedlar is a layer that is used to protect the backside of the solar panel. This layer ensures the durability of the panels. However, in low-quality panels this layer is often defective, rendering the panel ineffective.

Energy Loss Due to Low-Quality Material:

Cheaper solar panels may use inferior materials like EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which deteriorates over time. As a result, the efficiency and power output of the solar module decreases significantly.


Lamination is crucial for solar panels. It protects the panels from various environmental factors. Solar PV modules are typically composed of photovoltaic cells, a front cover glass, encapsulated layers, and a back sheet. Lamination involves applying a polymer such as ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) between the front cover glass and the photovoltaic cells. If the lamination of solar panels gets damage, moisture can enter the panels. Moisture can corrode the electrical connections, decrease the performance of the cells, and cause electrical short circuits.

Hot Spots:

Hot spots are the localized areas on the surface of a solar panel where excessive heat is generated. These hot spots can impact the performance and longevity of solar panels.

Are Cheap Solar Panels Worth It?

Cheap solar panels are never worth your money. These panels may be cost-effective to install but can be dangerous for your home in the long run. The payback period for cheap solar panels is long as compared to high-quality solar brands.

Risks of Buying Cheap Solar Panels:

Solar companies often employ practices that allow them to offer low prices. However, these practices can ultimately result in higher expenses for customers in the long term. The solar system will either need to be replaced earlier than anticipated or the customers will have to pay more for repairs and maintenance.

1. Longevity:

One reason why these installers are able to offer solar panels at low prices is because they are of subpar quality. A good quality solar panel system will last for about 25 to 30 years. However, cheap solar panels need replacement after a few years of installation.

2. No warranties:

When cheap solar panels either get damaged or stop working, the installers refuse to pay out warranties. They always claim that the damage is caused by the customers. The degradation rate of cheap panels is also very high.

3. Undersized Inverter:

Solar inverters are the most crucial part of the solar power system. They convert the direct current produced by the solar panels into usable electricity. The solar installers use poor-quality inverters and claim that they are of the best quality. These inverters will likely to stop working within a few years.

4. Switching Solar Panels Brand Before Installation:

Solar installers will often advertise high-quality solar PV modules and inverters, but the main problem lies within the fine print. According to the terms and conditions of these companies, they can change the brands of the product with similar ones. Instead of installing the best solar panel brands, they choose to install low-quality modules and inverters.

5. Suitability of Solar PV Modules:

Cheap solar panels are usually either oversized or undersized. These panels aren’t designed according to your household electricity requirements. Subpar solar installation companies usually sell a standardized solar panel set-up rather than a customized system. The payback period for such solar panels is also longer than for high-quality solar panels.

6. The Solar Installation Company Will Try to Upsell You Later:

The ads for cheap panels don’t include information like what type of solar panels are included in the package. The solar installation company also leave out the information about the size of solar systems completely. Once the customers want to install cheap solar panels, the salesperson tries to sell them expensive solar modules. This means that no one actually gets the advertised price.

7. Rushed and Unsafe Installation:

The solar installation companies that sell cheap solar panels will hire untrained professionals rather than qualified technicians to install your solar panel system. High-voltage DC power can be very dangerous if not properly handled by professional technicians.

8. Fake reviews and testimonies:

Solar companies often write fake reviews and try to sell their cheap equipment. They even use fake testimonies on their websites, just to prove that they offer great service. It is advisable to do thorough research before investing in solar panels.

How to Identify Cheap Solar Installation Companies that Sell Low-quality Panels?

Several indicators can help you identify a solar company that is unreliable. Here are some factors to be cautious of:

1. Low Prices:

If a company’s pricing is significantly lower than its competitors, it should raise a red flag. The low prices may indicate subpar equipment or poor installation practices.

2. High-Pressure Sales Tactics:

If a company is pressuring you to make an immediate commitment without allowing you sufficient time to consider your options, it’s a warning sign.

3. Lack of Having Licenses and Certifications:

Solar installers need to have proper licensing and insurance. If a company cannot provide evidence of their licenses and insurance, it shows a lack of professionalism and may indicate substandard workmanship.

4. Unprofessional Website:

A solar company often has an outdated and poorly designed website that may contain errors, or it may not have a website at all. An unprofessional online presence is a strong indicator of the company’s unreliability and lack of trustworthiness.

Remember, it is important to research thoroughly and evaluate any solar company before making a decision to ensure you are choosing a reputable and reliable provider.

How to Save Money on Solar Panels?

1. Government Solar Incentives and Rebates:

Check if there are any government incentives and rebates available in your region for installing solar systems. Many states in the U.S. offer financial incentives to promote solar energy. These incentives will help you offset the initial cost of the solar panels. For instance, Austin and Oncor customers are eligible for a solar rebate program that ranges from $2,500 to $8,500 for the installation of solar panels.

2. Research and Compare Prices From Different Solar Installers:

Take your time to research various solar brands, models, and installation companies. It is best to get multiple quotes and compare their prices to find the most cost-effective solar panels for your need.

3. Tax Credits:

Look for any tax breaks provided by the federal government. In the United States, you are eligible for a 30 % federal tax credit for the installation of a solar panel system.

4. Financing Options:

Some solar installation companies offer financing options with zero upfront costs, allowing you to pay for the system over time while still enjoying the benefits of solar energy.

5. Use energy-efficient appliances:

It is important to implement energy-efficient measures such as improving insulation, using energy-efficient appliances like LED lighting, and minimizing energy waste. By reducing your overall energy consumption, you can install a smaller and more affordable solar panel system.

Remember that it is important to save money, but it is important to prioritize quality and reliability when choosing solar panels. By taking advantage of solar incentives, you can get quality panels installed without breaking the bank. Choosing a reliable solar installer will pay off in the long run because they will install quality equipment that will require low maintenance. It is crucial to focus on the best value and not the lowest installation cost.

Are Expensive Panels Worth It?

When it comes to solar panels, the saying “you get what you pay for” often holds true. In simpler terms, expensive solar panels are usually better in terms of quality and efficiency. This means they can generate more electricity and last longer.

However, solar panels require a significant investment, so you need to consider the initial cost versus the long-term savings. If you can afford higher-quality panels, it is better that you install high-quality solar panels. But if you have a limited budget, there are still affordable options available in the solar market.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, when it comes to solar panels, investing in quality equipment is of paramount importance. While cheap solar panels may seem appealing due to their lower initial cost, they often come with a issues and risks. Low-quality materials, poor manufacturing, and lack of safety testing can result in reduced efficiency, shorter lifespan, and potential hazards such as fires. On the other hand, high-quality solar panels offer better warranties, higher conversion efficiency, and longer lifespans, providing reliable and efficient energy generation for years to come. The high-quality panels may have a higher price tag, but the long-term benefits and peace of mind they offer make them a worthwhile investment.

It is necessary to research and choose a reputable solar panel manufacturer and installer to ensure the best value and performance of your solar system. By prioritizing quality over cost, you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy while avoiding potential issues and risks associated with cheap panels.