Eguana Battery Storage Systems: A Complete Review

home battery storage

Eguana Technologies: Company Overview

Eguana, founded in 1996, is recognized as one of the leaders in the supplier market of energy storage systems. The headquarter of the company is in Calgary, Canada. Eguana manufactures innovative high-performance home battery storage solutions for residential and commercial use. Also, They have a partnership with big names in the solar battery market like LG Chem and Pylontech.

The company is sharing an Exclusive partnership with Hanwha Q Cells. Q Cells is one of the European PV panels provider leaders. 

According to reports, the company has installed +35 MW battery storage systems around the globe. Moreover, +6,000 installed energy storage systems are behind the meter. 

Likewise, The organization has +200 solar installer partners in the United States. The company ensures to supply its stock actively in the major markets.

Eguana Residential Backup Battery Solution Range 

Eguana recently introduced its Evolve home battery storage line for residential homeowners. The aim is to provide homeowners with a battery backup device at affordable prices. In fact, Eguana Evolve is creating high demand when it comes to a battery storage system for a home.

Eguana Evolve Residential Energy Storage

home battery storage

Evolve is an AC-coupled powerhouse for homeowners with the expanded storage and fully automated backup power. 

Eguana is now shipping its battery range to the North American market.

 Working of Eguana Evolve

Solar panel systems work well with the Eguana Evolve. When you install the Eguana Evolve battery storage system with your PV system, it will ensure your power supply day and night.

During the day, when the sun shines, the solar panels produce renewable energy in excess amount. If you have battery storage with your solar PV, the extra power will store in the device for later use. 

Moreover, when your panels aren’t producing enough electricity to meet your home’s needs, you can use the energy stored in your battery rather than buying it from your utility grid later.

 Features of Eguana Evolve Battery Storage System

  • Evolve is the ONLY approved fully integrated RESS from LG Chem in North America.
  • It is a Wall-Mount system with a markable outdoor rating.
  • The battery storage system comes with a 10-year system warranty.
  • This battery is expandable from 13 kilowatts to 26 kilowatts to 39 kilowatts.
  • Eguana Evolve is the most competitive and affordable battery storage option available in the solar market.

   Performance Matrix of Eguana Evolve

There are two main factors to evaluate the performance of the solar battery. 

1-Depth of Discharge: The percentage of a battery’s energy that depletes with the battery’s overall capacity is known as depth of discharge (DoD). Batteries with a higher depth of discharge consider being of higher quality.  The Eguana Evolve has a 90 percent depth of discharge.

2 -Round-Trip Efficiency: Round-trip efficiency is the electrical loss occurring during the charging and discharging of a battery.

The more efficient the battery is at converting incoming electricity into stored electricity and subsequently back into usable electricity, the higher the efficiency %.

Eguana Evolve is an AC coupled system having a high round-trip efficiency of 86.8 percent. It means you’ll get 8.68 kWh of output for every 10 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity you put into the battery.

Evolve LFP Residential
Energy Storage System


home battery storage

Eguana did a partnership with Pylontech to design an AC cobalt-free residential storage system. The company is the only integrator around the globe that offers LFP and NMC battery chemistries. 

Eguana is a diversified supply chain to supply quality battery solutions to 200+ n Solar Dealer Partners of North America.

Features of Eguana Evolve LFP Battery Storage System

Some of the features of Evolve LFP includes:

  • Reliable and Safe: Evolve LFP is a cobalt-free non-toxic battery. It is resistive to thermal runaway. 
  • Affordable Pricing: Evolve LFP is the best backup storage option for homeowners at a reasonable price. This storage system is the most competitive backup solution in the solar battery market.
  • Usage: LFP battery is equally compatible for indoor or outdoor use. It can work in 32° to 122° F temperature ratings.
  • Customize Size: The battery system is available for the custom size from 14 kWh to 42 kWh storage capacity according to home needs.
  • Performance: Eguana Evolve LFP has a high 85.7% round-trip efficiency. It ensures high performance in daily applications. 
  • Durability: This battery storage is a durable product f Eguana. The battery holds a 10-year standard warranty. At 90% depth of discharge, the design life is 15 years and 6000+ cycles.

Eguana Residential Battery Storage Installation Benefits

The pros of installing an Eguana battery storage with your solar system includes:

  1. It is a simple, non-intrusive solution with a limited product form factor.
  2. There is no field assembly required because of the customized control box from the factory.
  3. Its installation time is short. In only 2 hours, this battery gets to install.
  4. The battery design is sleek wall mounted. No extra space needs to be spare for its installation.
  5. Eguana Evolve is a Safe, Quiet & Reliable battery storage device.

Eguana Evolve Battery Range Cost

The cost of installing a battery depends on your setup size. The expense will vary from a small system to a big electric setup. A single Eguana Evolve battery costs between $10,000 and $13,000 included installation, according to EnergySage Marketplace data.  A 5 kilowatt (kW) solar energy system might cost anywhere from $9,000 to $15,000. It Depends on where you are living and the sort of equipment you pick.

Get Install Eguana Evolve Battery Storage with SolarSME

Adding energy storage technology to your house is the process that demands electrical skills, certifications, and a thorough understanding of best practices. SolarSME can assist you best with the Eguana home battery system. We also provide the installation services of the Eguana Evolve storage system at affordable prices. 

You can read more about the Battery Storage options SolarSME offers to residential homeowners.

Adding battery storage may seem like a high investment, but it will prove worthy. Eguana aims to comfort residential homeowners by offering more economical, flexible, and reliable energy storage solutions. 

Hurry Up! Reach us out at 214-556-8288 and ask our energy experts about the Eguana Evolve in detail. You can also contact us or Request A FREE Quote for the battery storage.

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