Advancements in solar energy 2022

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Advancements in solar energy 2023

solar energy

When most of the general folk hear the words such as solar energy and solar power. Their minds start remembering the old solar panels. Like panels placed on rooftops. Or on the solar farms in the desert areas. But at present, there are multiple innovations in solar panel technology. Some are on the way or available in the market.

As civilization advances, the energy required for our lifestyles rises daily. Calling for us to find out new ways to employ our renewable energy resources. Resources like sunlight produce more energy. And help us continue making advancements.

Over the period of 40 years. The USA has been experiencing a sharp increase in solar energy. In 2018 the country produced an additional 10.6 GW of solar power.

Bringing the total use up to 64.2 GW. The successful increase in solar energy is still only 1.6% of the total electricity consumed across the country.

Thanks to scientists who are attempting their best to provide our homes. And businesses too, with the new solar innovations. Without any further delay. let’s discuss the new advancements in solar energy in 2022. Here are some advancements that helped people shift towards it

advancement in solar energy

Floating Solar Panels

Installation of solar panels is becoming cheaper every day. Solar panel working efficiency is getting acceleration.

Photovoltaic panels placed on large water bodies have greater efficiency. Large water bodies like lakes, dams, and reservoirs. In addition to many other exciting benefits. 

These floating solar panels require no fancy real estate for installation set-ups. Research shows that the energy production of floating solar systems is 10% more. It has increased efficiency because of the water’s cooling effect.

Moreover, these innovative solar panels produce clean solar energy. Promotes decreased water loss and prevents algae production,  It also lowers water treatment expenses. And also reduces energy waste.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic Solar Technology

Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technology. They mix exactly into the building infrastructure without any difficulty. BIPV aesthetically blends into the building. It gets fixed in the form of canopies, roofs, facades, curtain walls, and skylight systems. BIPV also increases solar energy usage.

Nevertheless, the most adaptable and innovative solar technology is PV glass. By installing BIPV technology, you can also lower your economic costs. It enables people to save their electric power and building material costs. You can get the following benefits from BIPV solar technology:

  • Thermal Optimization
  • Zero-Carbon Footprint
  • Better Sound Insulation
  • Neat & Clean Solar Energy
  • Decreased Maintenance Costs
  • Unlimited Source of Solar Power 

Thin Film Solar Panels

According to the latest research. Solar cells in the form of layers are more energy-efficient. The normal solar panels employ only 18 percent of solar energy. While the thin-film solar cells can harness the sunlight up to 46 percent. They have up to four layers.

The best thing about these solar panels is they are incredibly thin. They have increased flexibility and lightweight solar panels. This factor gives it an edge over other standard photovoltaic solar panels. You can easily use it on your circular and uneven building infrastructures.

Thin fils are light in weight. This makes it an ideal option for infrastructures having good cost. Most importantly, thin-film solar panels have been proven more effective. They are very productive when light levels are low on cloudy days.

Photovoltaic Noise Barriers (PVNB)

Traffic noise is a major concern for everyone living in the 21st century. Whether it is a developed country or a developing country. Noise pollution is a serious issue. Let’s talk about the United States. Around 3000 miles of noise barriers are present on American highways.

The first and main function is to divert the sound waves. Diverting ultimately reduces the effects of noise pollution. But now, the US Department of Energy has come up with the idea to generate sustainable power. They are trying to remove noise.

The noise barriers have the ability to produce around 400 GW of solar power in a single year. This figure is approximately equal to the yearly electricity consumption of 37,000 homes. Photovoltaic noise barriers can increase the chances of solar generation. If they are aligned properly before the sun. 

Solar Lighting

What has changed pathways across the United States. Solar-supported LED lightning has transformed streets and roads. The benefit of LED solar lightning is it works off-grid. This innovative technology not only reduces the overall cost but also helps in multiple other ways.

These solar lights have a lifespan of more than twenty-five years which is considerable. If solar lightning works off-grid. There would be no need to utilize traditional cable and other equipment that cost a lot. The latest solar technologies available contain better electronic and battery functions, so it is a blessing now.

Its backup system keeps light functional for many days. The factor that increases its value lies in its customization. Its lightning can be adjusted according to weather patterns and location.

Moreover, public safety is a prominent advantage of LED solar lights. There are usually some areas in the town that are difficult to transform into traditional lightning. So these LED solar lights can be used to produce neat and sustainable energy.

Most Efficient Solar Panels

For the past few years, solar companies have been racing. To provide people with the best product they require in the 21st century. There is a wide range of efficient and trusted solar panels in the market. The last 60 years saw unusual growth in the productivity of solar energy.

The solar cell efficiency at 8% in 1957 made a  jump to around 23%. The modern advancements in solar energy also helped the general mass in terms of economic use. In 1977, the consumers used to bear the $77 cost per watt of solar energy. Today it only costs $0.13.

On average, solar panels are 15 to 20 percent more efficient now. The efficiency of a solar panel can exceed up to 22 percent in some cases. But most photovoltaic panels reach the figure of 20 percent maximum. Isn’t it amazing?

sola panel


So, power your home today through advancements in solar energy. Prevent your hard-earned money from wasting on huge electricity bills. Plus, participate in the noble cause of your community by shifting to renewable energy sources.

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